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I Was Totally Clueless As To How Pervasive & Problematic ‘Puppy Mills’ Have Become In ‘Amish’ PA & OH.

by Anura Guruge

Of course I had heard of ‘puppy mills’ & knew of their existence. But, until a few days ago I had NO IDEA how widespread they were & what a serious problem they represent.


Yes, with the sad passing of ‘Maya’ we were on the market for a new dog. Though we, i.e., the adults, wanted to wait a few weeks (i.e., at least till February), not so with the kids — especially the 14-year old.

‘Maya’ was our BIG dog & I wanted another BIG dog. I like BIG dogs & have had BIG dogs, without break, for the last 30+ years.

We, or at least the 14-year old & I, talked ourselves out of another ‘Golden‘. We had had enough Goldens over the years. Wanted something different.

So, we started looking at ‘Bernese Mountain Dogs‘, “St. Bernard’s” & ‘Newfoundlands‘.

All the puppies we could find were in Pennsylvania or Ohio. That is when we started doing some research.


We nearly got burned yesterday. A lady I spoke to, in PA, was actually in the ‘Horrible Hundred’ list! YIKES.

As I keep of telling you, I always Google people before I start dealing with them. BINGO.

So, just giving you a heads up.


It has become a business. Dogs as livestock & some will argue that that is what they are.

But, I just wanted to give YOU a head’s up.

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by Anura Guruge