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Alton Central School (ACS) School Board Meeting, August 20, 2013: Fred Fuller Was The Main Issue.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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The BIGGEST Issue:
Do ACS parents care IF ACS buys oil from
convicted sexual harasser?

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings.

The lady who has been holding the floor, multiple times per meeting, at the last few School Board meetings. Mr. Steve Miller in the background.

This was an out-of-cycle, at a strange-time, i.e., 4 to 6 pm, ACS School Board meeting to make up for the meeting that did not happen last week, on Monday, because there was no quorum.

We kind of knew that attendance would be even worse than usual. We were right. In the end it was JUST the two of us. There was not even a scribe from the local rag.

They really took to heart, and it was touching, the motion I instigated that as many public documents as possible be displayed on a big screen so that we could all follow. They really adhered to that (though the first PDF they tried to display was corrupted and would not open). When they couldn’t display a document they shared printed copies with us. It was so good. This should have been the norm for years.

After the no quorum debacle I also managed, today, to get ANOTHER structural change, for the better, in place — with majority support from the members. In future, the meeting agenda will ALWAYS contain a ‘Regrets from Absent Members‘ item to avoid confusion.

It now appears that out of the 3 that did not turn up, two had followed the proper procedure and notified the Superintendent, Mr. Lander, of their absence well ahead of time. But for reasons I cannot fathom this was never disclosed by Mr. Lander or the Chair. I think that was wrong. It was a disservice to the two members who had done the right thing. As for the third … I tried to get the other board members to send him to detention with the Assistant Principal. But, they wouldn’t buy that.

Appears that kids in the Elementary School were paying 20 cents less for their lunch than the older kids — though they all get the same meals with the same portions. So after some discussion the Elementary School lunch price was raised to $2.25 — same as what the other kids pay. That can still add for some. I worry. I know that there are kids that go hungry at ACS — and that is why we have various ‘combat hunger’ programs (Devanee actually helping with one of these programs).

The lunch prices and Fred Fuller were the only real items of import and interest.

Steve Miller and I, again demonstrating commonality, both requested ‘Common Core’ on the agenda for the next Board Meeting with me also requesting that the Board hold a vote of confidence or no confidence in CC — given that ACS is committed to following CC in the 2013 – 2014 school year.

Alton Central School (ACS) School Board Meeting, August 12, 2013 — DISSOLVED Due To Lack Of Quorum! W.T.F.!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This was beyond the pale.

This was unacceptable.

This was unprofessional.

This was rude.

None of the three even bothered to call, e-mail (or even text) the Superintendent or the Chair to say that they would not be making it (or at least that is what they implied). We (Deanna, I and Steve Parker from the Public) all sat and waited … till 6.15.
<< See BELOW >>

If it was an emergency one would hope that these folks have a family member that could have called.

I felt genuinely sorry for the Chair Sandy Wyatt. She tries. She deserves better respect than THIS from her own Board Members. She looked slightly bemused seated there …

This was very uncharacteristic for Steve Miller. That was commented upon by the few that were there.

Yes, I better than most understand that things come up and that everybody has a personal life in addition to their civic and professional duties.

The Principal Sydney Leggett wasn’t there either, but her absence was expected as I was led to believe.

But, not to let anyone know ahead of time was rude ….  And we are talking about 3 people here. Yes, if one didn’t bother to notify, I could handle that.

Third School Board meeting, counting last Thursday’s workshop, that Krista Argiropolis has missed. I think, and I could be wrong, that she missed another earlier in the year.

Contrary to what many may believe this is not a strictly volunteer position. The board members do get a stipend — though I think Steve Miller gives it back (or does something similar). The stipend is $1,000 a year I think. Yes, they do much more than attend the meetings, but …

I get a feeling that there is some gameplay involved here.

But this was a bad and dangerous game to play.

Yes, as ever, there was hardly any public. Apathy reigns. Parents only appear to care about renovating the building. Sad. A building does not a school make. But, obviously that is the thinking in town.

Well, a bid had to be granted today. It could not because there was no meeting.

I am, as is my wont of late, going to stand up, if nothing else but for the record, and demand that the Board adopt a set of rules as to their conduct.

I found out today that School Board members are NOT obligated to attend any of the meetings. Once elected they could miss every meeting.

That has to change.

This was bad.

I have since found out that TWO (2) Board Members (and yes, I know who they are but won’t mention their names to avoid embarrassing the third) quite correctly, per SAU policy, e-mailed the Superintendent, William ‘Bill’ Lander earlier that day. Mr. Lander got the e-mails and was aware that they would NOT be attending.

The third member rather than e-mailing Lander e-mailed the Chair instead. Not sure whether she got that e-mail prior to the meeting.

LANDER never disclosed to us, the public, that he had heard from two of the members.

There was NO REASON for him not to do so — other than maybe just plain bad manners.

This is why at the next School Board meeting I demanded that they add a permanent Agenda Item, right after the pledge, that says: ‘Regrets From Board Members’.

That should preclude Lander playing all coy and as usual by his own rules.

This was mainly Lander’s fault for not telling us.