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In Hindsight, 3-Weeks Later, Was Biden’s “Ain’t Black” Remark Prescient Or What?

by Anura Guruge

Click image for this BBC coverage IF you have already forgotten the uproar about this comment. You can also Google for more.

Much water has flown under many bridges during these three weeks — not to mention a fair amount of uncalled for BLOOD.

So, now … with all the protests, DIVISION & soul-searching.

Can we FORGIVE poor Joe?

We all NOW KNOW what he was getting at. I knew all along. SMILE.

Click to ENLARGE & ponder.

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by Anura Guruge


Racism Is A Spectrum. Is Anybody At ‘0’? I Sure Am NOT!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE & ponder.

Racism isn’t just black & white.

Racism exists in all cultures. We have all heard, in the context of WWII, how racist the Japanese & Chinese are.

Brown folks like I can be terrible racist.

Just a couple of days ago I was in stitches reading about a famous, black West Indian cricket captain who was very aggrieved to discover that the nickname he was called by some of his Indian teammates when he was playing cricket in India was extremely racist. They, all brown (like I), was calling him a ‘blackie’. SMILE.

I am a racist — though, of course, I have a white wife (& she wasn’t the first). Actually, it is possible that I am more of a racist than my wife. She accuses me daily (if not hourly) of being judgemental.

So, what is this all about? What am I leading at.

I have, of course, been thinking. Race, quite rightly, is very much in the forefront. I have no issues with that.

Click image to access my post from yesterday.

Winston Churchill, and his statue in London, was in the news today. Got me thinking. Yes, Winston was probably slightly more of a racist than I, but by how much?

Lincoln must have had some racial biases. I am convinced that no adult can claim to be at ‘0’ when it comes to racism. I don’t think it is possible.

Most folks who knew my adoptive mother, & she knew a lot of people (given that 3,000 people attended her funeral, & that was just in Sri Lanka), would claim that she had to be the most inclusive person they had every encountered since she was her own mini-U.N. But, in private she was quite the racist. Not a nasty racist. Just a common or garden racist. Among other things she so did not want me to marry anyone white!

I think you are getting my drift.

I could be wrong, BUT I think if we can stay below the 40% mark we are doing good. Yes, of course, there will be those below 40%. I know a few that might qualify. The problem is with those that are beyond the 70% mark.

Oh, and all don’t forget that racist come in all colors.

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by Anura Guruge


Yes Winston Churchill Was A Racist, BUT He Was Nice, Educated & Reasonable Racist — & That Makes All The Difference.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the CNN article & video.

This is NOT new or shocking.

Anybody who has studied Dear Winston realizes that he had SOME racist tendencies & that he called Gandhi by some rather offensive terms. I have known that for decades. I have written about it.

But, Winston was the product of a very different era. He was born in 1874. Different values. The World map was different & very reddish pink (as in OUR British Empire).

Winston was a decent man. A very decent man.

That he had some racist tendencies does NOT detract from his greatness or legacy.

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by Anura Guruge

The Ugly Racist Incident At Boston’s Famed ‘Museum Of Fine Arts’ (MFA) Is Distressing & Unexpected.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access “Boston Globe” original. Google for more coverage.

It is BOSTON — the age old, U.S. bastion of liberalism, tolerance and culture. That is what gets me. I could understand this if it was in the South or even in New Hampshire! But, in dear Boston. What is happening? What has gone wrong?

And the MFA of all places. The lovely MFA! We had a delightful day there just over a year ago and I was hoping to visit again. This is upsetting.

From what I can see they banned two patrons. That is it. Claims that a ‘work study’ who was implicated has already left the country. I find that hard to believe. None of the staff has been fired? Not the security guard or whoever instructed the guard to be obnoxious. This is NOT right.

I am ashamed for the MFA. This reflects badly of poor, dear Boston.

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by Anura Guruge

James A. Michener, Based On His ‘Tales of the South Pacific’, Might Have Been A Closet Racist!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Do not get me wrong. I am a HUGE fan of James A. Michener, as the photo below of my little ‘shrine’ to him in my library amply testifies. Also, if you do a SEARCH of this Blog (using the included SEARCH feature) of ‘Michener‘ you will see that I rave about him.

I know he was a good man, had a good heart and was a true philanthropist.

But, I finished reading his acclaimed, award-winning ‘Tales of the South Pacific‘ (1947) and I was NOT impressed. There were parts in it which were very disturbing. Yes, I appreciate that he wrote per 1946 standards BUT his tone and timbre when he deals with non-whites is patently wrong and offensive.

He repeatedly calls Polynesians and Chinese SAVAGES. I show but three examples above. There are more. Go to Amazon and use the electronic ‘Look Inside‘ feature. You can search for words with that. Type in ‘savages’.

You could NOT get away with that today.

Polynesians and Chinese?

Yes, that I am Asian probably makes me a tad more sensitive than others.

I like Polynesians and Chinese. They are NOT savages.

He also is very dismissive of American blacks in the forces. YIKES.

I also question his sexual-orientation. He comes across as ‘not that partial to women‘. Yes, I know he was thrice married and his last wife was Japanese. But, he was more than happy to leave his first wife for long periods of time and he was childless. Hhhmmm.

I was looking forward to reading this book. I had just finished ‘The Covenant‘. Yes, there were bits in there that raised my eyebrows and hackles, but nothing like what I encountered, alas, with ‘Tales of the South Pacific’.

Click to access post.

The ‘Michener Corner’ in my study.
Separate from all the other books.

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis Demeans The EASTERN Cardinal Patriarchs And Denotes That They Are 2nd Class Citizens!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This was WHAT it was all about. Prior to the creation of the 4 IRREGULAR Cardinal Bishops, Cardinal Rai was the MOST senior UNDER-80 cardinal! Base data from “Gcatholic.org” which is run by a friend.

Click to ENLARGE. From my ‘The Next Pope 2011’ book. Click on image at the bottom to get a copy.

Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Béchara_Pierre_Raï

Pope Francis has much in common with Donald Trump. Deep down they both have well-entrenched racist inclinations however much they might try to deny and deflect.

Last week’s uncalled for creation of the 4 HIGHLY ‘irregular’ Cardinal Bishops was proof positive.

The ONLY — and I stress ONLY — rationale for this extraordinary decision by Francis was his FEAR that a NON-WHITE, Eastern Cardinal Patriarch would officiate as the DEAN of the College of Cardinals at the next conclave.

Just like Trump and the Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy. As far as Francis is concerned non-whites are ‘OK’ if they are kept in their place, BUT there is NO WAY that he will have a non-white be in charge of a conclave — and in this case, literally over his dead body.

He might as well have flipped a BIRD at the Eastern, non-white Cardinal Patriarchs. YIKES. Not a nice man. Like Trump, just a bigoted old man who needs to lose a ton of weight.

Am I upset? What do YOU think? I am non-white. I endure abuse, discrimination and persecution daily. Yes, so I will say #METOO!

I had to write this. As a non-white the only power I have is that of the pen.


Click for more details

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by Anura Guruge

Dear Winston Churchill, ‘THE LION’, Alas, Died This Day 52-Years Ago; Spare A Second To Reflect.

by Anura Guruge

For I, my devotion to Dear Winston is very simple.

IF NOT for Winston you would NOT be reading this in English.

For that I am eternally GRATEFUL to Dear Winston — one of my greatest inspirations.

Sir Winston Churchill’s tomb in Bladon, Oxfordshire,
not far from the magnificent Blenheim Palace where he was born.

I have made my pilgrimage to this tomb, on a wintery day, in 1998 or 1999.

I was the only one there. It was gray, cold and drizzly.

I stood there in awe, silence and solidarity.

Click to ENLARGE and read. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Churchill

My devotion to dear Winston has no caveats. I know that some claim that he was a racist. But, in that I do not think he was that different to that many of his class, from that time. He was Prime Minister when we still had an Empire and despite his understandable reluctance to lose India, I really can’t believe that he set out to undermine coloreds. I know one thing. He was NO Donald Trump! Yes, I have paid him the highest compliment that I can. I named a gorgeous, very regal Golden after him. My ‘Winston’ from 1998.

I was 11-years old when he died.

I can’t say I was that familiar with him at the time of his death. There was no TV in Ceylon.

I do remember, vividly, my parents taking me to see a film of his funeral. That would have been in 1965. It was in color and I think it was over 1 hour long. My adoptive mother cried. I distinctly remember the film ending with a heading splashed across the screen ‘A Journey’s End‘. My adoptive mother talked about that on the way home. They (i.e., my adoptive father & mother) had completed one (of their two) round-the-world diplomatic trips, at the behest of the Ceylon government, the year before. As was her wont, and the fashion of the time, she completed an elaborate scrapbook to document that trip. On the last page she wrote ‘A Journey’s End‘. My adoptive mother, who was an ultra-sensitive person, was ‘rattled’ that the film had used that same phrase! Yes, small things like that bothered her — albeit, not in a bad way. So, whenever I think of Dear Winston’s funeral — ‘A Journey’s End‘ comes to mind.

Anywho …

Just take a second to reflect. Pay homage.

Like I said, IF NOT for dear Winston I would have had to learn frigging German and I am BAD at learning new languages.

Thank YOU, Dear Winston, KG OM CH TD PCc DL FRS RA.

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by Anura Guruge

The GREAT Sir Winston Churchill Was Born This Day 143-Years Ago; November 30, 1874.

by Anura Guruge

The justifiably legendary
“We shall fight on the beaches” speech.

Click to ENLARGE. Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winston_Churchill

The stupendously MAGNIFICENT “Blenheim Palace” — which belonged to his grandfather. I have visited it a few times. A REAL “Downton Abbey”. The gardens certainly more spectacular.

I guess I am on record, on this blog, as saying, 2.5-years ago, that he was my GREATEST hero.

That indeed has to be the case. He gives me goose bumps, inspiration and fortitude. I admire him much, for his leadership, courage, intellect, oratory, humor and above all his writing. Boy, could he write. Wish I could write like that. Yes, of course, I know of his supposed failings. He probably would not have liked me much — just because of the color of my skin! Pity. But, in a way he was a product of his era when Britain truly did rule the Empire. I also attribute the rumors as to his supposed ‘gayness’ to a British ‘thing’ of ‘that era’! It was commoner than most would appreciate.

What a MAN. To I, it was he who made sure WE won WWII. Whether they knew it or not, all the other key players were led (by their nose (most of the time) by Dear Winston.

Yes, I have paid him the highest compliment that I can. I named a gorgeous, very regal Golden after him. My ‘Winston’ from 1998.


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by Anura Guruge

Tintin (By Hergé) Memorabilia Auction At Delcampe.

My current collection of Tintin comics. I really SHOULD complete the set.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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Click images to ENLARGE and enjoy here.

Here is the link to the ‘Delcampe’ auction page.


What the comics looks like. Click to ENLARGE and savor.

I have now been an avid fan of Tintin comics for nearly 50 years — though in my old age I do appreciate that much of the material is blatantly racist and that Tintin is far from what I would want in a son! I actually tackled this in detail in this post, 4 years ago, when the the Vatican classed him as a ‘Catholic Hero‘.

As you can see from the top image I do have a FEW Tintin comics. They represent the 4th set of Tintin comics I have owned over the last 50 years! My adoptive father, who loved books (probably even more than I do (if that is indeed possible), introduced me to Tintin comics, in Ceylon, in the early 1960s — when I was around 8 – 9. As I have chronicled before the one thing that I had a plenty when growing up (alongside corporal punishment, food and tuition) was book. My father got me whatever books I wanted or what he thought I would like. He got me the Tintin books because he wanted to read them too. And that is OK. It is one of the few family traditions that have endured. The current set of Tintin comics I have — I got for Devanee a few years ago. She reads them, I look after them along with our collection of Asterix comics (and I will confess I like Astrix much, much more than I do Tintin). I went through the same process with Matthew, my son, when he was about 9. I got him Tintin books — because like I and Devanee he loved them.

I did say 4th set. So first set was what my adoptive father got me in Ceylon in early 1960. When we left Ceylon in 1967 I was not allowed to take any of my HUGE collection of books. They were just given to folks. Great shame. That library would be worth a FORTUNE today since it included complete sets of books by the likes of Enid Blyton. In the 1970s as a fairly well to do professional in England I bought myself all the Tintin & Asterix comics for my new library. That library too got mangled when I moved to the States in 1985 though I did bring across 3,500 books! [I was given a 40′ container to bring across whatever I wanted.] The 3rd set was what I bought for Matthew and the 4th for Devanee.

I just got an e-mail from Delcampe about the Tintin auction. Funnily enough, in the last month, Devanee had mentioned that she would like me to get more Tintin books. Hhhmm. I haven’t bought much from Delcampe. But I will take a look at this auction. IF I see anything that is cheap I will indulge.

Is CNBC Overtly Racist? Treatment Of Carl Quintanilla.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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CNBC’s morning lineup.

Notice … very white, mainly male.

cnbcsqk3333 cnbcsqk11q11a

cnbcsqk22222Yes, I ‘listen’ to CNBC (for about 70 minutes) each and every morning, without fail, and have done so for many a year.

I like to know what is happening, or going to happen, in the market — viz. stock futures, news, employment numbers, economic data — and CNBC is an ‘easy’ way to get that, though I also check ‘MarketWatch.com‘ on my pad while I ‘listen’ to CNBC. I stress ‘listen’ because I don’t really watch the TV screen. I can process the audio while I read other stuff on my pad, mainly the U.K. ‘Daily Mail‘, from cover to cover.

Yes, there are aspects of CNBC that I detest. Joe Kernen is an outright bigot and I used to like Rick Santelli before he became Mr. Tea Party.

But it has occurred to me of late that CNBC revels in being blatantly racist.

OK, you can see the lineup. The ONLY non-caucasian is Carl Quintanilla and I have noticed that they treat him very POORLY. I will get to that. Yes, they have one black guy who is invited to talk about tech — BUT notice he is NOT featured in the lineup. And then they have the EXCELLENT, Latino Michelle Caruso-Cabrera from New Hampshire.

They have very few black guests or guest hosts. Go check. They have a few Asians BUT I can’t recall them having an Asian guest hosts.

But, I come back to Carl Quintanilla and to a lesser extent David Faber (who has been with CNBC from the very start).

Carl Quintanilla is very smart, erudite, personable and competent. Ditto David Faber. The two of them are definitely smarter than Jim Cramer and Cramer knows that. But on ‘Squawk on the Street’ Carl Quintanilla is used as a FLUFFER, his role being that of throwing gentle puff-ball questions that Cramer tries to hit out of the park. Carl & David Faber get about 20% of the airtime, Cramer the rest. Not right. It should be the other way around. David and Carl are exceptionally bright, informed and cerebral. They can tell us much more relevant stuff than rambling Cramer.

How they treat Carl Quintanilla is NOT right. Carl deserves better.