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German Cardinal Reinhard Marx Is ONLY Offering To Resign His Boring, Ol’ ‘Day Job’, NOT His Precious ‘Cardinalate’ — The Usual Clever Ruse.

by Anura Guruge

The Pope, the cardinals & the Catholic Church NEVER tire of playing this cruel little joke on the public. Much of the media does NOT understand the issue & lets them get away with it.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx HAS NOT offered to resign from being a cardinal. Heaven forbid. That would be mean something & he, like all cardinals, push comes to shove, is not that stupid. He is just offering to quit is boring, old ‘day job’ as an Archbishop. He will have to retire from that day job at some point any way. Plus, being an Archbishop is not that special.

There are around 1,137 Archbishops & 4,055 Bishops. There are only 222 Cardinals.

Get it.

What a farce.