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‘First Sunrise’ In Mainland U.S., During The Summer, Is NOT At ‘Cadillac Mountain’, ‘Acadia’ (Maine) — So, Don’t Sweat The New $6 ‘Sunrise’ Reservation Fee.

by Anura Guruge

I took this, at Cadillac, on October 20, 2020 around 6:24am. That was a REAL ‘first sunrise’.

Click to ENLARGE & read here. From ‘National Park Service’ Website for ‘Acadia’.
Click to ENLARGE. Continuation of above from the ‘National Park Service’ Website for ‘Acadia’.

Well, we knew it was coming. NOW it has come to pass. YOU need $6 reservations to go up Cadillac on wheels. BUMMER. There have been days when we have gone up 3-times in a day. Twice was more or less de rigeur. Once during the day & then last thing before we left the Park — or sometimes after dinner. SHAME. But, I understand. We have never got stuck in traffic but I have heard that it can be brutal.

Notice the Park Service has carved out ‘SUNRISE’ as a separate category. That is to cater for all those that are anxious to experience ‘first sunrise’ from Cadillac.

Well, I have good & bad news for them.

During the ENTIRE Summer, during 90% of the period covered by the $6 reservation system, ‘first sunrise’, in mainland U.S. CANNOT be seen from Cadillac! That is kosher. I would NOT joke about something as important as this.

You can ONLY see ‘first sunrise’, in mainland U.S., from Cadillac between October 7 & March 6. That is it.

So, ‘first sunrise’ is basically ONLY during off-season. How ironic. How cruel.

Yes, ‘first sunrise’ in mainland U.S., during the Summer, is visible from Maine — BUT not from the coast. SMILE. Yes, I know where to see it. Do you want to know. SMILE.