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Keratoconus Doctors, Actually Keratoconus Lens Specilaists In NH. My Recommendations.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘NH Eye Associates’ Web site.

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Given that I wrote about me having Keratoconus in the above post, I was asked today as to who the best eye doctor in NH was for Keratoconus treatment.

Good question. A lot depends on the severity of your Keratoconus. If you are at the point that you MAY have to consider a corneal graft — I really have no clue. Fortunately, from the start, I had been assured that I would never require a graft. I am thankful, BUT I feel for those that will need one. That is why I am donating my whole body, not just my corneas, to science. As it happens there is an interest in dissecting my right eye to see the exact state of Keratoconus in that eye; with some debate as to whether it is indeed Keratoconus or astigmatism gone wild.

Anyway … all I know about are doctors who treat Keratoconus with hard, gas permeable lenses. I think we call them Keratoconus lens specialist.

I have never gone to him, but Richard Branner, O.D., of Hanover, NH, tel: 603-643-2140, gets mentioned a lot.

I can also tell you where NOT to go. There are NO Keratoconus lens specialist in Nashua or Concord. Period. Trust me on this. Yes, there are clowns that will claim they know all about fitting Keratoconus lenses — when in reality they know jack. One idiot in Nashua nearly blinded me in the right eye! Oh yes, I reported him to the Board, but that does no good, whatsoever. They look after their own.

I currently go to Dr. David Eaton at NH Eye Associates in Manchester. I did a fair amount of Web and phone research on him before I went to see him. I like him. He is young. He is bright. He is enthusiastic and he wears glasses.

He has so far lived by the first precept of the all important Hippocratic Oath; he has not done me no harm (unlike the idiot in Nashua).

Dr. Eaton has the equipment and the will. So far he hasn’t had to do much with me. I am using a fitting from 5-6 years ago because as I said in the above post my eyes were stabilized a long time ago, with good ‘corrective’ lenses. This is a problem with Keratoconus. The shape of your cornea can keep on changing — especially if you are wearing hard lenses that don’t fit that great.

So, IF you are looking for a Keratoconus doctor start with Eaton. Grill him. I think he is OK. Start with him. They are NOT cheap. If you want a real thorough eye examination before you get new lenses … PLEASE go to Dr. Eakin in Laconia. It will be a pleasant experience. He will spend hours making sure your eyes are OK.