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2017 Al Smith Dinner With Paul Ryan: Full Video, Transcript & 8 Best Zingers.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access FULL Al Smith 2017 Dinner video from C-SPAN.

Click image to access the FULL TRANSCRIPT from ‘lastcommentary.com’.

Click here to access full, original from ‘Fortune’.

Click to ENLARGE and ENJOY here. Use above link for original from ‘Fortune’.

The 2016 Al Smith Dinner, a HUGE annual New York city fundraiser for Catholic causes (started in 1945), was ‘one for the ages’ with both presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump, delivering speeches (or ‘roasts’ to be more accurate) — as is a longstanding custom on election years.

This year, i.e., 2017, the keynote speaker was House Speaker, Paul Ryan, a practicing Catholic from Wisconsin, his father of Irish descent. Ryan, as was to be expected, did make some jokes at the expense of Trump. Whether he cleared them with Trump ahead of the dinner has yet to be established. We will have to see if Trump reacts.

But, here is the whole story — so to speak, video and transcript.

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by Anura Guruge

Indian-American Comedian, Hasan Minhaj, At The 2017 “White House Correspondents’ Dinner” — Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

by Anura Guruge

I watched ALL of his ‘roast’. He was BRILLIANT. I was SO PROUD of him. Wow. He was good. So much talent. He is going to go far … provided he doesn’t get run over by a taxi in D.C. on his way home. {SMILE} Really funny. Wow. You have to watch.

So here it is, in its entirety on YouTube. You MUST watch.

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by Anura Guruge

How Many People Enrolled For Obamacare In Week One? ZERO. 0. Goose-Egg. Nada. Not A One! This Is Why They Refuse To Answer The Question.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access CNBC coverage.

Click to access CNBC coverage.

This is why bloody Sebelius would NOT answer John Stewart’s REPEATED question: “how many people managed to enroll in Obamacare last week?”

NONE. Nonbody. ZERO.

All accounts setup at healthcare.gov last week [i.e., Oct. 1 – Oct. 7] were DELETED on Sunday night. 

Ditto applications.

So don’t sit there smugly thinking that you are all set. You have been screwed, right royally, in your derriere and you still haven’t worked it out.

I know because they told me.

I set up two accounts and applied through the call center.

I applied again. So I know.

Liberal media is covering this up for Obama.

Republican media, i.e., Fox News, too stupid to understand what this means.
Way too complicated for them. Pity.
I called and e-mailed them offering to take them through it using small words.

Just remember WHO broke this story.

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Click to access Forbes coverage ...

Click to access Forbes coverage …