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Knight’s Pond, Alton, NH, A Little Known Gem Of A Trail In The Lakes Region

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

I read about Knight’s Pond, around this time last year, on Winnipesaukee.com. It sounded interesting. Deanna and Teischan were going to a birthday party. Devanee was anxious to do something new and fun. So the two of us, with the two dogs, and Maya really was a puppy, went looking for Knight’s Pond. We found it, at last, but it wasn’t straightforward. There is NOT a single sign for it! That is OK. They want to keep it fairly secret. We were impressed. A few weeks later we all went, again, of course, with the dogs. We have been there a few times since.

Yesterday, was the anniversary (or thereabouts) of our first trip to Knight’s; the same birthday. So Devanee and I set off for Knight’s though Devanee did not realize or remember that this is what we had also done a year earlier. Of course the dogs came. It took me awhile to find the RIGHT turning off Route 28. I also forget and it is much further than I realize.

Ulysses and Maya at the start of the trail, looking towards the pond. This was last September. Maya is twice as big now.

The road that you are looking for is Rines Road, which is on your right, off Route 28, going towards Wolfeboro. Right opposite, on the other side of Rte 28, is the 2nd turning to Robert’s Cove. I am familiar with that turning since Glenn and Pam live off that, and I know that Rines is opposite — but I always forget how far it is. OK, I picked up a leaflet while I was there. Rines is 7.5 miles from the Alton Circle. Once you get onto Rines it is still 1.6 miles away — unmarked. Stay on Rines till you get to a noticeable fork in the road, bear left — it is a dirt road. Keep eyes peeled, on your left, about .5 miles from fork, for a rusty old brown gate and a brown sign. That is it. Turn in. Drive another .4 miles to the small parking area. Be careful. Don’t drive too fast. Park the car and start walking. .4 of a mile before you get to the pond.

It is quite a spectacular pond. Scenic and tranquil.

We have yet to walk all the way around the lake. We have walked the entire east side on the pond, multiple times.

It is not a hike. It is really just a gentle walk by the side of a quiet pond. There is some elevation and ruggedness, but it is not major (and definitely not Mt. Major). I think this is why this trail is so untraveled. Doing it is not something that you can ‘write home about’. But, great for kids and dogs. Maya now that she has become a water dog just loved it. Kept on going for a quick swim and then jumping back onto the trail. On the way back she worked out that she didn’t have to walk — that the trail, much of the time, follows the shoreline, quite close. So she jumped in and swam while we walked. I thought that was funny.

There is a basic map online.

Click image to get access to a large, enlargeable PDF.