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I Walking On Water Per My Garmin GPS Track.

by Anura Guruge

Impressive, right? Pretty long walk too. 0.925 miles each way.

OK. OK. I will confess. I knew where the stones were. Well, actually the stones are pretty hard to miss.

I was walking to the rather famous, tourist magnet, ‘Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light‘ across the not-so-narrow breakwater. Not my first time. Done this quite a few times, albeit not in a few years.

The breakwater itself is 4,300’ (0.81 mile) long. It is built from huge slabs of granite hewed off the nearby island of Vinalhaven and transported to Rockland by ferry 1881 to about 1889. They used a total of 730,000 tons. In the 1880s it cost $750,000!

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by Anura Guruge