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Alleged Composition Of The Alton Central School (ACS) Strategic Planning Committee — Which Is Costing Alton Taxpayers $$$s.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This is from Deanna — who is not happy that she appears to be the ONLY unaffiliated, i.e., NOT on the ACS payroll, parent on this Committee.

She attended BOTH, 8 am to 3 pm meetings, Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 2013 — and is sure that she was the only unaffiliated parent.

Before she attended the meetings she requested a list of the attendees from the SAU. She got a ‘roster’ with 25 names — one already marked as ‘unable to attend’.

Last week she e-mailed the SAU and asked for the list of those that actually attended the two meetings. She HAS an e-mail that claims, rightly or wrongly, that ‘no attendance’ was recorded; i.e., there was no sign-up list! She is seeking confirmation of this statement.

This Strategic Planning effort is costing Alton Taxpayers real money. The external ‘consultant’ alone is costing at least $3,000 (if not more if other expenses are being paid).

They HIRED a bunch of substitutes to cover ALL the teachers that were attending the meetings! Devanee, not the most reliable of sources for ACS news, claimed that she heard that there were 19 substitutes at ACS on Oct. 31 — which would be appropriate given that it was Halloween. Scary stuff.

So, this is the breakdown per the pre-meeting ‘Roster’. Only one board member attended. According to Deanna the Administration staff were in-and-out.


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