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Milky Way — When Was The Last Time YOU Saw It?

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and ADMIRE here. From “darksky.org”, a wonderful organization, that is TRYING to fight light pollution — a growing problem in rural New Hampshire.

From ‘darksky.org‘ — click here to access their informative Website.

Do you remember? If you don’t that is very sad and you should try and remedy that ASAHP.

I will confess that I had forgotten how blinking beautiful — and beguilingly mesmerizing — it is!

There is nothing else like it — anywhere.

On Friday, September 2, 2016, on the way to ‘Acadia National Park‘ (for our 3 day visit), I took a detour at 10:30pm to go for a quick (and in my case it is always ‘quick’) run up ‘Cadillac Mountain‘. There were about 15 other vehicles at the top. I got out. The bright lights of ‘Bar Harbor‘ were right in front of I — as I expected.

Then I looked up.


Right across, from horizon-to-horizon, straight-up above me — OUR MILKY WAY.

So beautiful.

I had forgotten the delight of seeing it.

Though it must have been visible when I was growing up in Ceylon I can’t recall it in the context of my childhood.

I know/remember that I only started being aware of the Milky Way when I moved to the United States in 1985 — living in very rural, farm-country Maryland (about 30 miles from a city). I used to love looking up and seeing it.

I know it was visible in Southern New Hampshire when I moved here in September 1986 — again to a very rural area at the time.

But now, though I still live in what is a rural area, on a dirt road, I no longer see the Milky Way. Light pollution is BAD up here. Why people who are afraid of the dark decide to live on dirt roads baffle me. Stay in the City with bright lights. Don’t move next door to me and put up 40 solar powered garden lights.

My New Hampshire Light Pollution map from my June 11, 2016 post. Use link in above text.

My New Hampshire Light Pollution map from my June 11, 2016 post. Use link in above text.



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by Anura Guruge