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“Rusty Moose” Restaurant In Alton [N.H.] Definitely Closed — Empty Inside; “Dockside”, At The Bay, For Sale.

by Anura Guruge

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I had heard rumors that the ‘Rusty Moose‘ had closed. But, I had to go by, personally, and peer in through the glass door, as i did this morning, to make sure. Yep, they are GONE. It is empty inside as you can see from the 2nd photo.

Shame — though we have never eaten there. Were foiled TWICE and I never gave it a third chance. Plus, to be honest, it always looked a tad on the ‘short-of-headroom’ side for I. I am marginally claustrophobic. I prefer large, open spaces to ones that feel crowded. Though I have never been inside, I drive by it enough. And it always struck me as being ‘minimalistic’. All that said I am sorry to see it go. For a start, I know a few local kids who were given the opportunity to perform their music there. That was good. I feel bad for these kids. Now the only local venue open for them is “JP China“.

Just one other thing I would like to add. So, when I went to check it out. No NOTICE on the door. The roadside sign is still there uncovered. I think that that is a tad churlish. They should give the public an early heads-up that they are CLOSED. Nothing more annoying that driving up to a restaurant, hoping to have a meal, to find it CLOSED — and closed for good. I will be happy to give them — or buy them — a blue tarp. Just tie it over the sign.

Had seen in the paper that the “Dockside” building is for SALE. So, not sure whether they will be opening this Summer.

I have also heard rumblings that the restaurant at ‘Sandy Point’ will not be open this Summer. Yikes.

These restaurants closing in Alton is a SHAME. Not counting McDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin we only now have TWO proper sit down restaurants in Alton: the very dependable JP China and Ackerly’s. Yes, there is that small, joint on the docks BUT they do NOT serve non-whites! So, that is a problem for I. No, they don’t have a sign that says “Whites Only” but when I try to go in they make it very obvious that they would rather not have me there. That is OK. They own it. Plus, to be honest I would rather go to JP China.

So, that is the score. That Alton is not thriving like Meredith or even Wolfeboro bothers I. But, what can I do.

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by Anura Guruge

Rusty Moose Restaurant In Alton, NH Not Doing Itself Any Favors On The Web.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I know that there are a lot of local businesses in this neck of the wood that think that the Web has no bearing on their business and prospects. Well they could be wrong, though they would really know best.

We had talked about going to the local, Alton ‘Rusty Moose‘ for dinner tonight — given that it is my birthday. Though we had been meaning to go here since they opened, we haven’t — having been foiled once on Mother’s Day. Since I started my low-carb diet in January, and yes, thanks, I have lost 24 pounds, we don’t go out to eat as much as we did in the past. But, we were going to go out tonight.

Deanna said we would need a reservation. That kind of rattled me. This is out-of-season and a Wednesday. I am used to walking in. But, I was going to oblige and call.

Not sure about others but I, these days, look up everything via Google. So this morning I Googled the ‘Rusty Moose, Alton NH‘.

The first entry I got was the 3 Yelp reviews (above) and they were SCARY!

‘Overpriced’ seemed to be a theme. So, I wanted to see the menu — online, of course.

Well if they do have it online it wasn’t on the first page of Google.

I did find what looked like a very attractive and fairly priced menu (below) BUT, alas, it wasn’t for the joint in Alton, NH!

I found the Facebook entry. Unpopulated.

Not amused. Then I found the reviews on Topix. That was the last straw. Overpriced again …


So going to Tavern 27 in Laconia, the Tapas place. I like Tapas. I have heard good things about it. Deanna and the kids haven’t done Tapas. They have a Website. They have a menu online. It is not the greatest of restaurant Websites, BUT they have all that a punter is looking for. That is a great start.

Another Rusty Moose ... with a very compelling Website.

ANOTHER Rusty Moose … this one with a very compelling Website.

There is somebody, I don’t know who, other than that they are a TDS user from Barnstead (and we do have their IP address), giving me heck (actually borderline making threats on me) that I am slamming this restaurant.

I am not slamming them. If anything I am trying to help them. IF I slammed a restaurant you would not be in any doubt. I have no axe to grind about this restaurant. I have never been in. Actually I don’t know anything about them. That was why I was trying to find a menu etc.

Just because I don’t hide behind ANONYMOUS mask why pick on me. Go after those that left the reviews on Yelp & Topix.

We Went To The ‘Pink Cadillac’ In Rochester, NH For Mother’s Day. It Was ‘OK’.


Anura Guruge

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This year’s Mother’s Day plans had to be curtailed because it was ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ concert weekend for Devanee (and don’t ask me why they would pick Mother’s Day weekend for their concerts). She had to be there before 1pm on Sunday and the concert wasn’t going to finish till about 4pm. Deanna and Teischan attended the Sunday concert, I having gone to the Saturday night performance. So, the plan was to meet at the new ‘Rusty Moose‘ in Alton, have a meal and then go plant shopping in Rochester for Deanna — that being the family tradition, Deanna getting plants for her garden boxes and flower beds for the Summer.

I got to the ‘Rusty Moose’ at 4:10pm as planned. It was CLOSED!

P1020619So, given that it was a beautiful day, we proceeded to Rochester via the back roads of New Durham finally ending up in Farmington. We made a truly serendipitous discovery: this amazing antique place, called the “Ol’ Shoe Store”. It was closed. It is only open Saturday’s from 10 to 4. We are going. I happen to notice the large moose and pulled in. We peeked in through the windows. They have a beautiful, wooden, carved nude that I would love to have. We are going to go there one of these Saturdays.

We stopped at Walmart to see if they had plants that met the needs. They did. We were there for a long time as we are wont to do. So it was past 6pm when we got out of there.

Deanna and kids were ravenous by then so we didn’t have time to venture far. We drove by the ‘new’ Mexican diner. Somehow seems incongruous to try and eat Mexican in NH in a gleaming, aluminum, classic 50s diner. The next eating place was the ‘Pink Cadillac’. For whatever reasons we had never been there before though we stop at the gas station, often.

We decided to give it a try. It wasn’t busy. Not counting the bar area they appear to have 4 separate rooms, two main ones on either side of the bar. One is bright, cheery, with new tables and packed with Coca-Cola memorabilia. The other is dark and dingy with some beat up tables (sporting signs saying that they are soon to be renovated). I guess we didn’t make the cut to make the better dining room. It was probably me. But we are glad they put us in the dingy room because we got an outstanding waitress. IF not for her this write up would be much different. She was the main redeeming point of that diner.

It was ‘OK’ and that is about as far as we can go. Funnily enough I was talking to somebody who had also eaten there recently and she said the same thing: ‘average, and that is about it’. Not in the same league as the ‘Red Arrow‘ or the ‘Circle Restaurant‘.

I wanted the steak. They had run out. Ended up with steak tips. I ordered appetizer triple, one of the items being the fried mushrooms. The mushrooms were cold! I substituted a small salad for my included potato for a $1 more and got 2 forkfuls of insipid greens. C’est la vie. We were not impressed. Doubt whether we will go there anytime soon. But, I am sure there are lost of folks in the Rochester area that have no issues with it. Good for them.