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“NiteIze.com” Real Cool Gadgets — I Bought A ‘S-Biner’ Carabiner At Walmart.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access the “niteize.com” Website


Click to ENLARGE and marvel here. Use link above to access the site.

I was looking for a carabiner at Walmart yesterday when I serendipitously came across these ‘S-Biner’ variety — and at $2.75 the price was right too. It was beyond perfect for my application — i.e., serving as a secondary anchor point for my camera at times when I am not using it. [As some of you know I don’t like (and hence use) camera neck straps. I prefer a wrist strap with a handgrip. And that is what I use. If I know that there will be times that I do not want the camera on my wrist I carry a light leash with a clip on anchor. Then to keep the camera close to my hip I use a carabiner and clip the wrist strap to that. That also gives me ‘belt-and-braces’. Two separate attachment means. Hence the need for a carabiner (seems it appears I have lost the one I was using recently).

The ‘S-Biner’ looks good in addition to being practical. I like the idea that I can just slip the camera strap in-and-off WITHOUT having to touch the part attached to my pants.

The packaging for the ‘S-Biner’ included a micro, folded-up catalog of the other products by the company. It was very cute. And compelling enough for me to pull up the Website — and, moreover, share it with you.

Check it out. You are bound to find SOMETHING that appeals to you. I haven’t, however, checked their prices.

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by Anura Guruge