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I Can’t Be Sure That Giving Up ‘Facebook’ For Lent Is Really Kosher.

by Anura Guruge

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The other day a friend of mine, a devout Catholic, told me that he could not leave comments on my ‘Next Pope’ posts right now because he had given up Facebook for Lent. For a second I thought he was joking. Pulling my leg. But, he wasn’t.

I genuinely was taken aback. Seemed sacrilegious. Truly like a joke. Trivializing something that Catholics used to be quite serious & earnest about.

As some of you know, despite all my pope-related endeavors, I have never been a Christian, let alone a Catholic. I was born a good Heathen & I am now a Reformed, Born-Again, Heathen.

But, over the years I have spent much time with Catholics. One of my wife’s was a Catholic — & my two eldest kids were baptised & confirmed. One even went to a private Catholic school. So, I know a bit about Lent.

Giving up Facebook really does not strike me as much of a sacrifice.

So, today, I went looking to see what people are really giving up for Lent these days. I was staggered. I was shocked. Social Media heads the list.

Sacré ‘bloody’ bleu! What has the world come to? Wow.

I really am shaken.

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by Anura Guruge

Misguided Sri Lankan Buddhist TRY To Blame Animal Sacrifice To The Earthquakes In Nepal!

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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To be fair this is from the lunatic, Ann Coulter wing of the misguided, extremely insecure extremist Buddhist faction.

The Himalayas — and as such places like Nepal — have major earthquakes BECAUSE of plate tectonics in that region. How do YOU think the Himalayas got pushed UP that high in the first place.

Trying to blame this on animal sacrifice is just plain wrong and crazy.

I am, of course, NOT into animal sacrifice, BUT given that I eat meat, of all types (without restrictions), multiple times a day, most days, I can’t be a hypocrite.

Moreover, all Buddhists are NOT, by a long chalk, vegetarian. So for a FEW Buddhist to take this ‘holier than thou’ line is disingenuous. When I was growing up in Ceylon (pre-Sri Lanka) over than 70% of the Buddhist monks OPENLY ate meat. I know BECAUSE I kept track — at the frequent alms givings that I attended. I was always like that. Keeping track of this stuff — and funnily enough some of the monks knew that I kept track of who ate what.

The earthquakes in Nepal, including today’s major quake, is a great shame. I, an Everest buff, am VERY FOND of Sherpas. But, like them (I hope), I am a realist enough to appreciate that earthquakes, in this instance, real does go with the territory.