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“Warren’s Lobster House”, Kittery, Maine — 50% Off Gift Card Sale Till Sunday, March 22, 2020.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Quite the deal!

Wanted to make sure you saw it. Now you have.

I plan to buy some. Not a BAD deal.

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by Anura Guruge

Chris Burke Of “Christopher A Burke Stone Masonry & Stone Sales”, Gilford, N.H.: Huge Endorsement To One Heck Of A Guy.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

I, alas, have never had any stonework done by Chris Burke
but I can definitely tell you, for a fact,
that he is one heck of a GOOD GUY,
‘Salt of the Earth’.


Stone is his craft, but he has a heart of gold.

A Good Samaritan.

Yesterday afternoon, when we were in a jam, stuck in a snowbank,
Chris who was passing by stopped and helped me,
in the bitter cold, for 20 minutes,
to pull the van out using his truck.

That was beyond kind.

Yes, we have AAA and towing insurance
& Deanna had called the police
though nobody else was involved
and we were all fine.
The van gently slid down a hill, with no steering,
and came to rest embedded in a snow bank.

Chris was driving by a few minutes later.

He immediately stopped and said he would help me.

And he did.

And thanks to Chris we were back on the road within 20 minutes.

We even made it to Portsmouth in time.

Thank YOU Chris.

The world needs more good folks like you.

So, I have no problem, whatsoever, of lavishly endorsing
Chris’s company.
You can tell he is a GOOD man.


Click to access Chris’ Website.


You have to check out his amazing work. I think I have seen some of his work … in Meredith. Click to access.

That New Hampshire Is #3 In The Nation For Wine Consumption Distorts Reality.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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No, despite my reputation for being rather partiality to a daily (diluted) glass of red wine (only because of its medicinal benefits), I alone cannot be held responsible for this ‘high’ rate. See this WMUR presentation for the complete list. Only Idaho and D.C. (which is not a State per se) come ahead of us. D.C. is easy to understand. 

Of course it does not take a genius to work out what the discrepancy here is. It is our tax free wine sales to the out-of-staters.

But, there is actually another reason too. Our small and aging population — assuming, of course, that the Fed does their per capita based on the estimated number of adults in the State.

Team KIA Concord, NH: Our Good Experience With Them Continues. We Are Very Impressed. Kind Of Delighted.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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June 28, 2012.