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Respected ‘The Verge’ Claims That Google Pixel 2 Camera Is Better Than That On iPhone X!

by Anura Guruge

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Click here for ‘The Verge’ original — in FULL.

The equally credible “Android Central” then joined in.

Of course I am chuffed. I should be. The above post says it all. I did a ton of research before I opted for my Google Pixel 2 because of its camera.

It sure takes some wonderful pictures and you can’t deny that. But, the Samsung Galaxy S9, from what I can see, takes pictures as good, if NOT better. That is why I am blown away to hear that the latest iPhone can’t beat the Pixel 2’s year old technology. That is quite the thing.

It is all subjective in the end. I tend to be very critical of the pictures I take and I tend to look at them on a BIG screen. That shows a level of detail that you don’t see on a phone’s screen. Plus,to paraphrase the bumper sticker seen on cars: “my other camera is a full-frame Sony a7 II“! So, I have that as a comparison too.

This was a picture I took with my Google Pixel 2 two weeks ago. Just a point-and-shoot, outside of Uno’s in Concord, NH. I was blown away when I saw it. That is pretty close to perfection. I would have had a hard time capturing that with my Sony a7 II!

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by Anura Guruge

The Brand New Samsung Galaxy S9 Gets A Damning Review From ‘DPReview’ Re. Autofocus.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read this annotated extract. Use link below for the ‘DPReview.com’ review.

Click here for ‘DPReview.com‘ original

Wow. I was amazed to read this. I know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes brilliant pictures and the focus always seems pretty close to perfect. I am often torn as to whether the camera on the Google Pixel 2 (which I own) is really more competent than that of the S8 as all the experts claim. So, I had expected the S9 to be even more impressive — especially with the dual rear cameras — one with variable aperture, the first in a phone.

If this autofocus issue is as bad as DPReview claims, and they usually are spot-on on such matters, I am sure that Samsung will try to fix it with a firmware upgrade ahead of the holidays. Otherwise they are going to have their lunch eaten by Apple, Google and the oters.

I just wanted to make sure you had heard about this — since this is important.

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by Anura Guruge