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Lego Watch Is Far From Cool, But Sandalwood Watch Is Way COOL.

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by Anura Guruge

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It was an e-mail from Hammacher Schlemmer (and I get near daily e-mails from them though I haven’t bought anything from them for years) Friday morning that tipped me off about these watches. Here is a fragment from that e-mail.


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Just out of curiosity I checked Amazon since I was pretty sure that the Lego watch was unlikely to me exclusive to Hammacher Schlemmer. I was right. Amazon had both the Lego and the Rosewood Watch (or one pretty damn close to it).

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I am a HUGE fan of Lego. I have been buying Lego for 25 years — no-stop — since Danielle (now 26) was about 2 years old. In a given year I easily spend a few hundred dollars on Lego — and invariably think it is money well spent. BUT I hated the Lego movie and this watch, at $165 ($14 cheaper at Amazon than at H-M), leaves me cold. As with the movie I think Lego could have done much better.

The Sandalwood watch is a whole other proposition. It looks cool. The Amazon description says that the wood will ‘wear’ and acquire an even cooler patina with wear. Wow. Am I tempted. Yes. BUT I do NOT need another watch. Like cameras I can get carried away with watches. I have at least 6 right now and at best only wear 3. My main watch is 26 years old. I am OK with it. SMILE. So no I am not getting this wooden watch. Just wanted to draw YOUR attention to it.