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Ananda College, Colombo, Ceylon Prize Giving 1969.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge

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Udeni Wijegunaratne receiving a prize (in this case a pile of books) at the 1969 Ananda College, Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) annual Prize Giving.

I got this picture, from him, via e-mail this morning. He is looking for information as to who the Chief Guest was and the people, other than him, who appear in this picture. He thinks the Chief Guest was a diplomat. Per tradition it would have been the chief guest’s wife handing out the prizes. She looks Asian. So it must have been a Ceylonese or Indian diplomat — and judging from a sari, and I am NO LONGER an expert, she looks Ceylonese than Indian.

He also informs us that Sanjeewa Senanayake was awarded the ‘Pritz Kunz’ in that year. Not sure what that means and whether the spelling is correct re. the name and the prize.

This was 2 years AFTER I left Ananda College and Ceylon.

If NOT I would have been there too. I got prizes every year. I haven’t counted or checked RECENTLY but for some reason the number ’64’ comes to mind. That might have been the number of prices I received during my 8 or 9 years at Ananda College — and bar ONE memorable year, for which I was beaten and punished for months, I won the Challenge Cup, which was indeed a polished silver cup, year year for the HIGHEST overall marks for all the boys in that grade. But that is history and as you can see winning those Challenge Cups didn’t do me much good.

But IF you can help Udeni Wijegunaratne contact me or get in touch with him.

All the best.