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Absolutely Astounded That Saudi Arabia Did NOT Have A Defense Against Drone Attacks.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the U.K. “Guardian” coverage. Easier … just Google …

Click to access their impressive Web site. You SHOULD Google ‘drone defense systems’ for more.

I could not believe it when I heard about it. Saudi Arabia. Saudi! With all its wealth, influence and contacts. That vulnerable to a drone attack.

Can you see another Middle East country, much smaller, being vulnerable to a drone attack. Like hell.

This is crazy. I think — and I could be wrong — that they let this happen to PROVOKE a response … from you know who.

Yes, drones are smaller and more agile than conventional warplanes, but they are not as ‘robust’. They can be brought down easier — at least from what I have been told. If nothing else you should be able to jam — and jam tight — all the radio frequencies to make the drone helpless.

Well, this is outside my league. I just know that it sounds and feels very incongruous. There is more to this than us civilians will ever find out.

Just hoping that my heating oil prices will not double.

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by Anura Guruge


Saudis Behead Sri Lankan Maid. I Have To Bring It To Your Attention.


Anura Guruge

Click to access the BBC story. Google for more. It was on CNN this morning.

Click to access the BBC story. Google for more. It was on CNN this morning.

I don’t really follow much Sri Lankan news. I left a week prior to my 14th birthday and have kind of lost touch.

I saw this on CNN this morning. I know that a lot of Sri Lankans work in Middle East — for the money. This is bad. But, I don’t know the facts.