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2017 “Laconia Multicultural Festival” Is On Saturday, September 9 — BUT With A Very Limited Program.

by Anura Guruge

2017 Laconia Multicultural Festival Program

Click here to access their official Website — with this program.

2014 Program

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My post on that 2014 Program.

Wow. Wow. Wow!

I was planning to go — given that I have only missed two of the 16 Laconia Multicultural Festivals. Hence why I went looking for the program. Yikes.

Yes, I am very familiar and fond of ‘Sayon Camara‘ — a perennial favorite at both the Concord and Laconia multicultural events. But, ….

Wonder what happened? This is WAY SCALED back. I will have to talk to some folks to get the story.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Laconia Multicultural Festival’ 2015 Was Vibrant, Variegated, Vivid & Virtuous.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.

by Anura Guruge

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More pictures of the Indian dancers — click.

The vibrancy that oozed out of Saturday’s ‘Laconia Multicultural Festival‘, September 12, 2015, was palpable. It indeed was a festival; colorful, merry, noisy, aromatic and collegial. Everybody was having a good time. This was Laconia at its very best on what was a picture perfect day. We are great supporters of this ‘Day’. We have been to all but one of the 14 ‘Multicultural Days‘ — last year being the one exception because we happened to be in Acadia.

This year’s ‘Festival’ was good. The energy and spirit was back. It reminded you what it was meant to be. I miss the night concert that we used to have but 2015 was indeed memorable. There are now two venues for music, the traditional stages in ‘Rotary Park‘ and a new performance tent at ‘City Hall’. That was good. More variety, moe music. Quite a few vendors, though the numbers might have been a tad down. Wasn’t packed, but a respectable crowd. I always wonder where all the other people from Laconia, Gilford, Tilton etc. are on the day. The ‘Festival’ is hard to miss.

“Black Thunder” & “Neha Parikh’s Classical Indian Dancers”, two perennial favorites and “Sayon Camara’s West African Drumming” as well as the “O’Brien Clan” did us all proud.

Lots of good food at affordable prices. Interesting merchandise. Not a hint of trouble or strife. A few police officers around — and they could be seen having a good time interacting with the folks. I took about 230 pictures. I will try and showcase as many as I can.

Thank YOU Laconia. That was good. Bravo!