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The Jaguar XJS V-12 (1989) Comes Out Of Hibernation To Stretch Its Legs.

by Anura Guruge

It has been in hibernation, under covers, in our garage since last September — albeit, permanently connected to a ‘Schumacher SC1319 1.5 Amp 6V/12V Fully Automatic Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer’. I have three of these Schumacher chargers. I had had very good luck with them. The green light to say that the battery is fully charged has been flashing all winter. And it sure did start on first crank. Takes a bit to get a V12 to start, but it sure did.

Took it for two short spins with Teischan — given that it is HER car. It is going into storage, in Laconia, on Tuesday. It will stay there for 2-years. Teischan will be old enough to drive it then. Stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge