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The Next Pope — Is Marc Ouellet Still A Viable Papabile?

by Anura Guruge

Link to the ‘Is Marc Ouellet Still A Viable Papabile?’ post.

I, per what I told you a few days ago, continue to make progress (albeit slow) on my NEW ‘The Next Pope‘ Website. Did a significant post today. IF you are into ‘next pope’ you really should read this — if not all the others.

Today, I also got around to successfully registering & verifying BOTH ‘nextpope.site‘ & ‘nextpope.org‘ with Google’s ever-so-important ‘Webmaster Tools’/’Search Console‘. So, the site will finally start to get noticed, in time, by Google.

For now I will keep on cross-referencing posts from that blog over here. But, that will not continue. So, please bookmark ‘nextpope.site‘ & try to visit it at least weekly. OK?

I have BOTH ‘nextpope.site‘ & ‘nextpope.org‘ pointing at it. I also own ‘nextpope.blog‘ but that is NOT linked to anything yet.

OK. Check it out. Thanks.

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by Anura Guruge