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Rich Leonard For NH Senate District 6: Our Wholehearted, Unconditional Endorsement.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to visit, as you must, Rich Leonard’s election Website.

Rich Leonard has been OUR pharmacist in Alton (Hannaford’s) for the last 4 or 5 years. He has been exceptional professional, and an exemplary human being. We hold Rich in high esteem. He will make an OUTSTANDING NH Senator, even a great U.S. Senator.

Rich is always helpful, always caring, always professional, always polite. But, I can share a secret with you. He has a great sense of humor too. There have been times when Deanna’s back was really bad when I seemed to be going to the Hannaford pharmacy everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Occasionally, especially if it was a Sunday afternoon, Rich might be the only one there. He would be at his counter, as ever very serious, doing what pharmacist do. But, if you cracked a joke or ‘teased’ him about sulking for being left on his own a big grin would spread across his face and he would respond.

He is all that you would expect from a well rounded, well grounded, educated, responsible, professional man. I could not think of anybody better to be a NH Senator. As it happens our next door neighbor (yes, the one who is into gross light pollution) actually made a bid for this seat, then changed his mind when he saw his competition from his own part and ran, again, for the NH house and came second in a two person race. No comparison. Rich will be so much better.

If you think about it a pharmacist is uniquely qualified to be a representative of the people. There is no HIPAA privacy niceties in a pharmacy line. So, given the hours I have spent in and around pharmacies I have heard some harrowing tales of hardship. Just think what Rich must have to deal with if all of us have heard our share of stories at the pharmacy line. Yes, we have first hand experience. Deanna is on workman’s comp. from a company whose name starts with an ‘L’ and ends in ‘Mutual’. They are horrible. Downright mean. Their modus operandi is to first, outright, reject everything and then, grudgingly, agree to approve just the low cost items, but even that randomly. Rich has dealt with all of this for us. He has handled the constant ‘pre-approval required’, ‘denied’, ‘waiting doctor’s notes’ and all the other excuses. We always know that we can RELY on Rich to get the BEST deal for us. Thank YOU, Rich.

Healthcare is not something that Rich knows about secondhand. Rich deals with the issues of today’s healthcare every day. He knows the woes that the middle class and Romney’s 47% have to deal with. Rich, despite his name, will represent the ‘47%’, not just the rich.

Please consider Rich Leonard. We do not endorse political candidates lightly. Thinking about it this is our first. Thank YOU for running Rich. We wish YOU all the very best. I hope that come November 7 I will have the honor of addressing you as Senator Leonard when I come to pick up a prescription.