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Nikki Haley ‘Crescent Moon’ Necklace Is Readily Available — Given It Is South Carolina FLAG.

by Anura Guruge

Remember, it is BUT the South Carolina
That is it. State Flag.

Do a Google ‘SHOPPING’ search on ‘nikki haley pendant’. Click to ENLARGE & study.

Or do a Google ‘SHOPPING’ search on ‘south carolina pendant’. Click to ENLARGE & study.

This is from Amazon. Much more affordable. Click to ENLARGE.

A reader inquired today against one of my many Nikki Haley posts: “Where can a pendent be purchased like Nikki Haley wears?

I had never looked before. Just kind of assumed that they couldn’t be difficult to source. But, I went looking earlier today as you can see from the pictures above. Readily available & not that expensive either — albeit depending on what kind of stones you are willing to put up with.

So, go look. Key to this is that this is a South Carolina state symbol. She wears it because she used to be the Governor.

My original April 9, 2017 post.

Click image or link above to access original post.

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by Anura Guruge

For All Your Jewelry Needs For The Holidays — “Park Lane” With Wolfeboro’s “Mal Stirt”.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to access Mal’s “Park Lane” Webstore and shop with confidence. Mal will take good care of you.

Mal (‘Marilyn’) Stirt is a well known
& trusted ‘go getter’ in Wolfeboro.

You can’t go wrong dealing with Mal.

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by Anura Guruge

It Is Amazing That Amazon Does Not Offer A Side-by-Side Product Comparison Feature.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and study. An Amazon provided, un-customizable, pre-determined product range, comparison chart.

Don’t all of you yell at me at once claiming that Amazon does. What they do have, on JUST some products, are comparison charts like that shown above. They are NOT customizable. You can’t, as far as I can see, ADD your chosen products to compare.

Yes, I fully appreciate (as an ex-programmer and a still active Web designer) that given Amazon’s bold, flowing, full-page product layouts it would be difficult to incorporate an easy-to-use compare feature. But I am SURE that Amazon has the expertise inhouse to come up with a workable solution.

Yes, I know that there are a couple of 3rd party options BUT the last thing I want is another company having access to all of my shopping habits and searches. No thank you. 

Funnily enough, despite all the shopping I do on Amazon, I had not really missed this ‘compare’ functionality till recently. Part of it being that I just open multiple Amazon tabs, across my two monitors, when I want to look at two products side-by-side. Obviously that works well BUT it is limited to two products. Ironically I started to miss this feature when trying to compare cameras. And that is what is strange. I use at least 3 very good camera resources, DPreview and Snapsort in the main, that provide very capable side-by-side comparison features. In this case, i.e., my most recent quest, the thing I wanted to compare most was PRICES. The DPreview etc. comparisons are not good at price comparison because they quote the cheapest price seen on the Web without too many caveats (e.g., that it might be an International version camera). And to make it even more ironic I was looking at two cameras from the same manufacturer, Fuji, the old X-E2 and the soon to be available (Feb. 16) X-E2s. There is a crazy anomaly here. The newer camera, which has a FEW new options (not going to be available on the old X-E2 DESPITE the February 4 Firmware refresh), from everything I see is going to be $100 CHEAPER. That doesn’t make sense. Somebody has to start discounting the older X-E2. That is what I was hoping to see. 

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by Anura Guruge

Online Shopping On ‘Payless’ Website — Reminded Me Of ‘Healthcare.gov’! No PayPal. Duplicate Data Entry. Doesn’t Do What It Is Supposed To.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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I do, without fail, all of my Christmas shopping (and for that matter 98% of all my non-grocery purchases) online.

I am nearly done with the kids. They are easy. Just stuff for Deanna, and that is never easy.

This evening she told me she wanted some boots from Payless and sent me a ‘wish list’.

I had never even seen the Payless Website before though I do buy shoes from their stores occasionally.

The stuff was easy enough to find.

It was the checkout that drove me nuts.

They don’t accept PayPal.

To me that is unacceptable.

PayPal is the universal Web  currency.

I love PayPal.

I have used PayPal for 12 or 13 years —
from more or less when eBay started accepting PayPal.

Checkout with PayPal is so easy.

But, since I couldn’t get these boots anywhere else — I had no choice.

So, now I need to type in shipping address etc. etc.

No button to say Billing Address is same as Shipping Address.

So more typing.

I resented it.

On every page it says FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday.

Well, I couldn’t get the damn free shipping.

Deanna sent them an e-mail complaining about it.

I just paid the $6 shipping just to get the hell out of that site.

So, just a heads up.

Last few days I have used Amazon, Walmart and eBay in anger.

I typically only shop Walmart online at Christmas.

I am an habitual Amazon and eBay shopper.

But, Amazon, Walmart and eBay were exceptional the last few days.

A pleasure to part money to them.

I will Paymore to avoid the hassle.

So I will not be going to Payless again, unless Deanna wants more boots.