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Online Shutter Actuation Count Checker For Sony a6000.

by Anura Guruge

Having read a post earlier this morning I was curious to check my actual shutter actuations on my Sony a6000.

The file name sequence number, e.g., DSC00001, does not necessarily correspond to the actual shutter actuations because that name/number can be reset.

The way to get the shutter actuations is to read the so called ‘EXIF’ data that the camera stores with each image taken.

However, inexplicably MOST of the popular ‘Shutter Count’ checkers, such as “Camera Shutter Count“, does not support the Sony a6000! I don’t know why. It even appears that Sony’s own EXIF reader does not show the shutter actuations for the a6000.

But, this ONLINE tool claims it does and did give me a reading.


Click image to access ONLINE EXIF reader for the Sony a6000; viz. http://tools.science.si/index.php


Click to ENLARGE and read. So it appears that there were 18 shutter actuations before I took my first picture. Not sure what to make of that.

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by Anura Guruge