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Britain’s TV Viewers On “Red Poppy” Watch — Hurrah, Hurrah.

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by Anura Guruge

From, of course, the U.K. ‘Daily Mail‘.
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I had to look up who this ‘Sienna Miller’ is.
American-born British actress.

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My Red Poppy collection — 2015.

Love it. As it should be. Nobody should be appearing in PUBLIC without a Red Poppy.

I blame the TV producers. They should have made sure she wore one — or told her she can’t appear on the show (irrespective of her American roots).

Oh, how I would LOVE to see American’s appearing on TV with Red Poppies. ‘The American Legion’ DOES have a ‘Legion Family Flower of Remembrance‘ program. They, i.e., American Legion, even used to sell a ‘Poppy Puppy. I know. I have one.

I have written to Obama twice asking him to wear a Red Poppy on Veteran’s Day.

The ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars’ (VFW) actually have a ‘Buddy Poppy‘ program. But you rarely see a Red Poppy, in November, in the U.S.

I no longer have ANY British poppies with the two green leaves. I only have Canadian poppies.

U.S. “Buddy” Poppy Puppy — that I bought on eBay.