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So Pleased At The Paucity Of Political Signs Littering Alton Ahead Of Tuesday’s Elections. Thank You.


Anura Guruge

Did you notice?

I had noticed and I was glad. There are hardly any political signs this year. How refreshing.

Yes, of course the main proponent of these resource squandering signs is not running for office. If he was, we would have had pesky red on white signs popping up all over Alton since Christmas.

I applaud all the candidates for showing restraint and common sense.

2012 was the watershed year for political signs. Here on outwards I hope candidates will appreciate that signage does not win elections.

If the President was elected on the basis of displayed signs, Mittens would have won by a landslide.

As some of you know I slog up Prospect Mountain Road quite a few times a week, huffing, puffing, wheezing and coughing. Well there were a number of houses that had signs out. NOT a single one of those candidates won! As some of you also know I have an annoying habit of being ‘cute’. As it happened, I was puffing up the hill the day after the election when I saw a person taking down all of his signs. So I go up to him and ask, innocently as I can: “Did any of these folks win?” He thinking that I had not heard the news went onto patiently explain to me (the village idiot) as to the outcome of the election and what an injustice had been done. I never told him that Devanee and I, after spending 10 hours campaigning on our feet on the day, stayed up till 2:30 am watching the results on TV and celebrating. This guy still thinks I had no idea who had won the election — not even the President! No idea that I was on the phone with the Laconia Obama HQs at 11:15 making sure that THEY had heard that we had won.

The day of the NH Primary we drove from Alton to Belmont to stock up on our stash of sparklers and noise makers. We wanted to celebrate if Jane Cormier won. Driving through Alton and both Gilmantons was an eye-opener. I counted the signs. Jane was ‘outsigned‘ 8 to 1. But, if I recall, she was (like) 78% to 22%. So, obviously, the signs didn’t make much of a difference. Yes, the kids put on quite a show the next evening.

Lets hope that this a sign of things to come. The end of the resource squandering political signs. Trust me, making those plastic signs burns up a lot of energy. In today’s social networking word you don’t need yard signs. What you need is visibility on the Web. Virtual signs.

So lets applaud all the candidates and wish Steve Miller & Lorring Carr all the best — though Mr. Carr is already a lock.