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Pope Francis’ New $50 Max. Anti-Bribery Rule Is Beyond Laughable As It Applies To Cardinals.

Click here to access the original ‘Catholic News Agency’ article.

Yes, of course, we all know it is wrong, BUT that is how the Vatican has operated, unchanged, unchecked since time immemorial (or, if you want to start getting pedantic, for at least the last 1,700-years). Yes, yes, yes. There have been various anti-corruption & ‘bannish simony‘ efforts, rules & laws for the years, BUT they have all, always, been conveniently ignored.

The curia could not, would not, exist but for corruption & bribes. That is just the way things happen, the way things are done.

Cardinals, in particular, rely on these stuffed, white envelopes, full of high-denomination dollar bills, to exist. Without these bribes they would have to abide by the constricts of poverty. That would never do.

It gets funnier & funnier. The U.S. resident cardinals are the BIGGEST culprits when it comes to bribing curial staff — whether they be curial cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors or lesser.

This is a joke. The pope is trying to be FUNNY.

How can be stop it? Pray tell me. OK. They will stop accepting fat, white envelopes in PUBLIC, at the Vatican. So, what? This is hilarious. Laugh. It is good for you. I did. I still laugh when I think of this.

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by Anura Guruge