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Garmin Fenix 6 Pro: Metal Clasps On The Nylon Bands Might Be A Problem.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From ‘garmin.com’.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE. From ‘garmin.com’.


Two weeks ago, once I learned that the Fenix 6 was on deck ready to be announced, I wrote this post about strap options for the Fenix 6. The second picture, above, is from that post.

In there I said: “Leather straps with the metal clasp at the end are a DISASTER. They will SCRATCH your expensive watch“.

Now, I see that Garmin is using metal clasps on the nylon bands. Yikes.

I have not had a Garmin strap with metal clasps. It is possible that they have better clearance and that the metal does not touch the body. I definitely would check on this before getting a nylon strap. You would hate to scratch a $900 watch.

I am also ‘amused’ (actually NOT) about Garmin’s $100 price for their nylon straps. WOW. Yes, I know the leather costs as much — and I justified that. But, isn’t there a difference between leather and nylon?

I am a Garmin (GRMN) shareholder and have been for a few years. So, I should, in theory, be happy. But, I am not. Just looks like Garmin is losing the plot. What do YOU think.

But, just check on those metal clasps. It could be an issue.

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by Anura Guruge

Strap Options For The New Garmin Fenix 6, 6X etc. [August 28, 2019].

by Anura Guruge


I don’t wear the $250 strap daily. But, I do like a leather strap.

Plenty of options, THOUGH NOT cheap, from Garmin. Click image to access page.

So, as discussed yesterday, the BIG immediately noticeable features of the new Garmin Fenix 6 line is going to be the 1.4″ watch face (from the prior 1.2″ standard) and the leather strap.

While Garmin has ‘always’ offered leather straps they have not come as standard on running watches. With the Fenix 6 it will and for us runners that will be a change. I, however, already went through this when I got my Garmin MARQ Expedition. That also came with (gorgeous) leather strap — albeit, then priced, at $250. But, Garmin also included a black silicone strap as well. That was good. I am pretty sure that Garmin will do the same with the Fenix 6, i.e., include a free silicone strap along with the leather.

As with the Fenix 5 (Plus) we will have the ‘S’, standard & ‘X’ models. Though the display is 0.2″ bigger I hope they stick with the standard 20-mm, 22-mm and 26-mm QuickFit strap options. That would give us the most flexibility. If they opt for a bigger strap we will be screwed — at least initially.

Then there is the SHOULDER option, on the black silicone, that started with the MARQ. It fills in the gap and is very, very impressive.

Yes, you can get that black strap with the shoulder, just for 22mm, from Garmin — but it is $50 more than the standard version. Wow.

If the Fenix 6 comes with Garmin’s $80 leather strap you should be FINE. It is a very durable strap and you can immerse it in water multiple times a day — I DO. It ages and weathers like leather should. I got one of these BECAUSE I didn’t want to wear the expensive MARQ strap, with the white stitching, 24×7.

I also tried a couple of cheap leather straps. Was NOT happy. The leather was cheap and felt (and acted) like cardboard.

Leather straps with the metal clasp at the end are a DISASTER. They will SCRATCH your expensive watch.

So, those are the options. Lot of straps, especially 22mm, BUT they are EXPENSIVE. That is frustrating. Luckily I can get an automatic discount on them. That helps. SMILE. But, it is still not cheap.


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by Anura Guruge

The 30′ ‘Great Wall Of Vaginas’ — Deanna Sent Me Link And Said: ‘Very, very odd, not sure what to think, but thought you’d have an opinion’

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..by Anura Guruge

I blurred it, because, despite my manifold limitations, I try to maintain some class. To see original click on image and access the 'Huffington Post' post.

I blurred it, because, despite my manifold limitations, I try to maintain some class. To see original click on image and access the ‘Huffington Post’ post.

Well, of course, I have an opinion. I have an opinion on everything; I even have my own private opinions on my own opinions.

The theme does not shock me in the least. I remember that ‘Sex in the City‘ (in the days that I used to watch in long, long, long time ago) had an episode about an artist that painted vaginas — no, no, not the vagina per se, but depictions of it on canvas. << See Below >> I also know, though I don’t have any first hand experience, that there is at least one place in Vegas where you can get a latex mould, which could be made functional, made while you wait. I also think that of late the moulds are gender independent.

So, what do I think of this Great Wall. Bravo. Why didn’t I think of it?

After saying that, at least in the 40 shown in the ‘Huffington Post’ image 1 (above), there are few, if any, that I would class as being truly delectable. Some of them are truly gross! Sorry. Not sure about the 3rd one on the top row — where I assume that all of those can’t be studs and what is below is definitely not artificial. I am sure that IF I ever had had the misfortune to encounter that, I would have fled and kept on running until I found a vat of acid in which to purify myself. Some show what looks like heavy use, while other point to a proclivity for undue manipulation. The vaginal ring does, indeed, intrigue me, though I would be worried that it could get ripped, which would be quite painful, I would think.

So, bottom line here; they can keep these. None of these are really my cup of tea. But enjoy.

I wonder whether the artist, Jamie McCartney, bothered to question each woman and kind of create a log for each. I would have a set of specific questions for all. Then we could correlate certain things with visible characteristics. Hhhhmmmm. Got me thinking. Maybe doing a study of vagina shapes and characteristics and trying to correlate them to proclivities and other behaviors might be more fun than papal history. I know that Deanna won’t object as long as I start with her.

So … maybe … watch this SPACE >>>>

P.S., You think Gloria Huffington is featured on this wall, and that is why they did this post? If so which one? My guess, judging by per prissy personality, #2 second row? Do you think I am right? Can’t be that much of a secret?

Season 1, Episode 5. Click to access.

Season 1, Episode 5. Click to access.