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“Mohegan Sun” — Staying At The New “Earth Tower”.

by Anura Guruge

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The ‘Earth Tower’ at ‘Mohegan Sun’ (CT) is new. It was completed in November 2016. It is the second tower at Mohegan and considerably shorter and stouter than the sweeping and elegant ‘Sky Tower’. I think they can extend it upwards in the future if they see a need.

We stayed in a Double Queen room, in the ‘Earth Tower’, for 4-nights after Christmas, December 28, 2016 to January 1, 2017. When making the reservation (eventually by phone after checking it out online) I purposefully chose the ‘Earth Tower’ because it was new. I don’t think I was given an option as to ‘view’. The room assigned to us, after waiting in line for 20 minutes, was on the 3rd floor sans a river-view. If we go there again I will make sure to specify that I want a room with river-view. Also a higher floor — just for a more expansive view.

But, it was NOT bad at all. Definitely an unmistakable air of freshness, light and modernity.

The Good Things:

1.  The room was a decent size, maybe a tad bigger than average for a double queen.

2.  Good lighting, lots of light … very fresh and welcoming.

3.  Well appointed, very well lit bathroom.

4.  Tons of built in USB ports for charging devices. YES. YES. YES.

5.  ‘Earth Tower’ is much closer to the self-parking ‘Winter Garage’ than the ‘Sky Tower’ — and that was good because we used the car every day.

6.  Electronic ‘Do Not’ disturb sign.

7.  Coffee maker and fridge.

8.  Built-in (though we didn’t have a need for one and Teischan used it to keep her snacks).

9.  Good water pressure on the shower.

10.  Easy enough to get to the restaurant and shops using the ‘Winter Garage’ entrance.

[11.  They sent us a FREE chocolate cake the first night. That was a bonus!]

Not So Good Things:

1.  No exhaust fan in the bathroom (and why this is so in hotels is an eternal mystery to me even after 60 years of staying in hotels).

2.  No drawers — just shelves.

3.  Bathroom cabinetry doesn’t extend all the way to the walls — so stuff falls off on the (dirty) floor.

4.  Still the usual coffee condiment packets that result in either the sweetener or the sugar sachets from getting needlessly thrown away.

5.  The pool at the ‘Earth Tower’ is a joke (as I spelled out in this post).

6.  Inexplicably, only one call button for the 4 elevators — when there should be one on each wall as is the case at the ‘Sky Tower’.

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by Anura Guruge

“Mohegan Sun” — The Two Swimming Pools Are A Let Down!

by Anura Guruge

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The one word that always comes to mind when I think of “Mohegan Sun” (which I have had the chance to visit three times) is ‘opulence‘.

It is quite the resort and it is visually stunning — a veritable smorgasbord of visual stimulation.

Everything is ‘First Class’ but for the two swimming pools and that is very incongruous and disappointing.

Teischan (10) likes to swim in hotel pools, and those two last words have to go together. In other words she only likes pools attached to a hotel. She is also not that keen on swimming in lakes which is a shame since we do have beach rights to a nice lake. So, whenever we go on vacation I try to make sure that the hotels we are staying at have pools.

I saw that “Mohegan Sun” had two pools and that seemed to fit the bill.

But, we were surprised by what we discovered. And this post is to give other a ‘Heads Up’ if you are planning a stay at “Mohegan” and swimming is something you are planning to do.

  1. The pool (on the ground floor) of the newly opened ‘Earth Tower‘ is MINISCULE. Not much bigger than a large hot tub (and I am not exaggerating by that much).
  2.  The pool (on the 3rd floor) of the ‘Sky Tower‘ is ‘large’ (maybe even ‘huge’) but it has a constant depth of 3.5′ — i.e., there is no deep end. [This is also case with the titchy pool in the ‘Earth Tower’.] I guess this eliminates the danger of folks diving and is probably better for kids. While you can of course swim in 3.5′ feet it feels strange and there is something perverse about not being able to take a breather at one end of the pool without your feet on the bottom.
  3. There is NO HOT TUB at either pool. This seems ludicrous. {Continue reading …}
  4. There is a large bar, serving alcoholic drinks, by the large pool — but it is not what I call a true poolside bar in that you can’t get served without getting out. I would rather have a hot tub than a bar.
  5. The water temperature in both pools was a couple degrees BELOW ideal. And not having a hot tub to help warm up meant that the whole experience was slightly degraded.
  6. At the large pool they have ‘Towel Monitors’! While I fully appreciate that maintaining a supply of towels at a busy pool is a COSTLY proposition it seems crazy that they make you feel guilty about asking for a couple of towels — given what you are paying to stay there!
  7. Neither pool has an attached changing room. At the big pool the changing rooms, which are inside the respective gender-specific bathrooms, are across the hall and you have to walk across dripping.
  8. The little pool is in a little, dark, claustrophobic room. [Not so the large pool. That is in a huge, well lit, atrium-like hall.]

So, just letting you know. It did not ruin our vacation and we went swimming on 3-days but the experience could have been better.

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by Anura Guruge