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Sling TV Just Raped All Of Its Willow Cricket Customers!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

You can find this, on Twitter, #SlingAnswers

BANG! Without notice more than 50% of Willow cricket content GONE.


Gone. Go check.

You will not even find the last (exciting day) of the 4th South Africa v Australia Test that finished yesterday. I was lucky. I got to watch it last last night!


But, we are still paying the SAME.

I am going to research this more.

This should be illegal.

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by Anura Guruge

Cricket On Sling TV Has Been DECIMATED Following The Huge Outage — NO IPL, For A Start!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Something BIG has happened at Sling TV — and the OUTAGE was related to it.

For a start, immediately after the outage CRICKET, from Willow, has been decimated on Sling TV.

I had seen the above announcement re. IPL, but that didn’t bother me much because I don’t normally watch the IPL. Actually I don’t watch any of the T20 Leagues.

But, I tried to watch Willow, on Sling TV, during my lunch — as is my wont.

There is hardly ANYTHING THERE! No South Africa v Australia 4th Test. I am SO LUCKY that I watched the 5th day last night.

This is BAD. Very BAD.

I don’t have time now, but I will look into this tonight.

Just a heads up.

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by Anura Guruge

Has Sling TV Been Hacked, And Hacked Badly — Hence The Huge, 16+ Hour Outage?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Current, i.e., 12:45pm, Wednesday, April 4, 2018 message at “help.sling.com”.

The HUGE Sling TV outage continues.

It has now been over 16 hours for some.

I guess I lucked out that I got one hour of remission last night from 11:05pm till around 11:45pm. I stopped watching at that time.

Sling TV is down again THIS morning (when I last checked around 11:30am).

This is crazy.

I suspect that they have been HACKED, and hacked badly. That is the only thing that would, to I, explain an outage, of this magnitude, for this long.

Now hacking does NOT always have to be to STEAL data. It can be just to cause disruption (as in this case) or to try out techniques that can be used again, on a wider basis, at a later date. Sling TV is owned By DISH. This might have been an attempt to eventually take down DISH. Just think of the consequences if that happened a few days ahead of the November 2018 mid-term elections.

This is scary.

I suspect that this is MUCH WORSE than they will ever admit.

A service cannot be down for this long …

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by Anura Guruge

Huge Sling TV Outage On Tuesday, April 3, 2017 Spreading Into April 4.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Curt message at ‘help.sling.com’.

This was around 12:45am, Wednesday, April 4, 2018. It was more widespread a couple of hours earlier.

This on Twitter, BUT also on Facebook. A lot of angry and unhappy customers.

In my case the ‘Sling TV‘ outage, on my Roku 3, was from 9:55pm to 11:05pm (Eastern) on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. But, from what I can glean from the Web it is still down for many — into Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Ruined my night … as it did for many.

I was SO looking forward to watching the last day of the eventful 4th Test match between South Africa and Australia while I had my dinner.

Sat down with my dinner and fired up Willow TV, on Sling.

Program came up but there was no video. Waited, waited, waited … nothing. Tried a few other … nothing. After 10 minutes I knew something was wrong. Did all my diagnostics and recycling at my end. Nothing. Other Roku channels working FINE. Checked PC. Saw that others were also having issues.

So, I was forced to eat dinner watching the news! That was frustrating.

At 11:05 I tried again. It worked.

I got to see the highlights of the last day. Made my day.

So, heads up.

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by Anura Guruge

Fixing “DCP Unauthorized Content” Message On Roku, Sling & Willow.

by Anura Guruge

If you get that content blocking purple screen on a Roku do NOT panic and do NOT, at least to begin with, blame the content provider.

A restart of the Roku might cure it without having to bother reseating the HDMI cables.

I got this purple screen for the first time ever, yesterday, when I went to watch the ICC Champions Trophy match #5, viz. Australia v. Bangladesh. I was only getting it on Sling. Amazon was fine. So I assumed Sling had screwed up and all cricket had been banned on Willow due to some licensing transgression.

I was wrong.

Just had to restart the Roku, which only takes a few minutes.

Hope this helps.


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by Anura Guruge

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Complete Match Schedule June 1 To June 7.

by Anura Guruge

I needed this fixture list for my own viewing edification on Roku Sling Willow.

So, I thought I will share with YOU also — just in case you needed it too.

That is a lot of cricket. Even just watching the highlights I will be way behind by June 3. But, it should be fun. Rain will mess a few matches up. That is a given.

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by Anura Guruge

Some Unbelievable, And Yes ‘Spectacular’ Catches From The IPL — A Sling Compilation.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the video at ESPN Cricinfo.

This video is worth watching even if you don’t follow cricket.

The catches are just amazing.

How the level and quality of fielding has improved in cricket, quite literally in leaps and bounds, over the last 20 years has been a revelation to I. I used to think — and comment — that the degree of athleticism in baseball (putting aside their need for girlish gloves to catch a ball) was much higher than in cricket. NOT ANY MORE. These catches are as good as anything you would see in a baseball park and many of them by fielders sans gloves.

I have cricket on SLING and have had so for years and years. So, I could have watched all or some of the IPL. But I don’t! I watch the opening ceremony or ceremonies and that is it. I just don’t know. The IPL matches leave me cold. I guess it is the razzmatazz. I watch T20s and ODIs — but not the IPL.

Anywho …

Watch this video.

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by Anura Guruge

‘ONE World Sports’ (on Sling/Roku) Totally Screwed Up England v. Sri Lanka 2nd Test Highlights.

by Anura Guruge


It is frigging amazing how much disservice we get on Roku/Sling when it comes to cricket.

Willow managed to ruin the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 with their inability to show the correct matches.

And now ‘One World Sports’ has caught the bug.

2nd Test Day 2 highlights were not broadcast on Saturday night — in the allocated 10pm slot!

On Sunday, in the 10pm slot allocated for Day 3 highlights, they showed Day 2! Actually they showed Day 2 highlights — TWICE, back-to-back, 9pm and 10pm!

Couldn’t even see Day 3 highlights Monday morning. Yet again they are showing Day 2 when the Program Guide says Day 3.


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by Anura Guruge

Hats Off To England & New Zealand For Their ‘Out Of Their Skins’ Performances At #ICCWT20.

by Anura Guruge


Wow. Wow. Wow.

I watched the highlights of both  ICC World Twenty20, #ICCWT20, games — Australia v. New Zealand & England v. South Africa — back to back, from India, last night.

I was amazed. Exceptional cricket. I was also wrong as to the outcome in each instance.

I was sure that New Zealand were at least 40 short of what they needed. But, I was wrong. As they did with India they pulled off a brilliant win. Impressive, cohesive team. They most likely will get to the final. Possibly even walk away as the Champs. Well done.

As for England, I am humbled. In awe. I was sure that they wouldn’t get within 60 runs of the target. Boy was I wrong. What a run chase. Who knew that current teams could chase such large totals.

Yet AGAIN South African CAPTAINCY was poor! Just do not understand what they are thinking. This time it was Faf du Plessis. He should have brought in Imran Tahir during the Power Play to TRY and stem the tide. He didn’t. He persevered with pace. You had to take pace off the ball. I think that is what cost them the match. Poor captaincy. Don’t get it. Very clever and talented bunch. Feel real bad for my favorites Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock (who I have raved about for 12 months). Great innings for nought. AB de Villiers, per his standards, played a poor innings. C’est la vie. That match alone could have cost them the Championship!

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by Anura Guruge

Willow TV (Cricket) Surprisingly Very Professional, Courteous and Prompt.

by Anura Guruge


Trying to watch the 2016 ICC World Twenty20, #ICCWT20, from India, on Sling TV on our Roku 3 has been beyond bloody painful. Sling TV goes out of their frigging way to make sure that the Program Guide is out-of-bloody-synch. It is more or less 100% that what it says on the Program Guide is NOT what you will see if you click on the frigging thing. It is atrocious. Yes, if you have the TIME to sit there all day working out where each match is then you will do fine. Well I don’t have the time. I allocate about 30 minutes while having lunch and 45 minutes around 10:15 pm to watch cricket. I don’t have the time to mess with Sling’s friggin messed up Program Guide.

I was so fed up by last Saturday that I decided to subscribe to Willow directly — now that THEY claim to support Roku — and YET again (maybe for the 3rd time in a year) ditch bloody Sling TV. Willow does not give you the option to PREVIEW the channel. You need to first subscribe BEFORE you get to see it. Well I did.

I first thought I had done something WRONG. There was NO cricket! Nothing. NADA. Blank screen. I kid you not.

Right now Willow on Roku only shows LIVE matches.
That is IT. Get that. Live matches only.

No highlights. No replays.

I was devastated. That is worse that Sling TV — and that is saying something!

Willow also doesn’t have telephone support or Live Chat during hours that work for me.

So I just sent them 4 or 5 e-mails — all surprisingly polite. I was girding my loins for what I thought was going to be an ugly battle.

NOPE. Willow support was very professional!

They apologized for their poor service on Roku and refunded my payment, to my credit card, within 24 hours. Yes, within 24 hours. That is AMAZING. That is impressive.

So good customer service.

Shame that they ONLY show live matches on Roku.

If I got Apple TV I could get live, replays and highlights. Maybe I should. Anything to get away from bloody Sling TV.

Sling’s coverage of the ICC World Twenty20, 2016, sucks.

They make NO ATTEMPT to reflect what matches are being shown. Total frigging crap shoot.

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by Anura Guruge