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‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ (For The Elderly & Beautiful): A Must Watch Movie From Britain With Some Great Indian Talent & Humor.


Anura Guruge


We have only watched 1/2 of it, but it is beyond good.

It was another free, HBO preview weekend on DISH and I recorded a bunch of movies (space limitations on our already packed DVRs the only limitation). As soon as I saw the title, never mind the description, I knew I had to record it.

It is funny and poignant at the same time.

Lots of familiar (and famous) faces.

A bit bummed that the movie and review sites don’t give due credit to the Indian STARS. They are as good as the famous Brits.

Key among them is Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire‘. Deanna, to her credit, spotted him right away. I didn’t. All brown folks look the same to me (and Deanna even chastizes me that I can’t even tell blondes apart).

Great movie. If you haven’t seen it make a point of watching it.

[Street cricket scene. The wickets were too close together. And the strokes weren’t that great. But, that is movie license.]

Kind of funny, there was another ‘Indian’ movie with a similar name, i.e., ‘Marigold‘ a few years back. We saw that too. That was good too.

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony: The Muhammad Ali Moment Was A Unmitigated DOWNER!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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From YouTube. Click to access YouTube video.

Do not get me wrong. I am a HUGE Muhammad Ali fan. I adore the man. I first came to the U.S. in 1967. He, then Cassius Clay, was very much in the news. He was iconic. He was brilliant. As with so many of my age, boxing was synonymous with him. He is one of my very few non-cricketer sporting heroes, Nadal, Ashe, Gareth Edwards, J.P. R. Williams and Jean-Claude Killy probably being the others (I having worn a red cap that said ‘Killy’ on it for nearly 20 years of my skiing life).

I cried when Ali appeared at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics to light the flame.

I still cry when I see that clip. To me that was one of the greatest of Olympic moments.

The World should always remember Ali and the Olympics in terms of his historic win in Rome in 1960 and Atlanta in 1996. Period.

Having ‘Muhammad Ali’ appear towards the end of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, to symbolically touch the Olympic flag, was unnecessary, out-of-context, stupid and above all a HUGE DOWNER.

I did NOT recognize Ali. Check the video above.

When I was told it was Ali, I was shocked, depressed and embarrassed.

To make it worse, some NBC ‘twittering-head’ idiot was twerping away about it being the ‘unmistakable Muhammad Ali‘!

That was a HUGE mistake.

That was NOT my Muhammad Ali. To see the wheelchair behind him was sad; my mother too had Parkinson’s but died before she got to that stage of infirmity.

Poor Ali. He had no idea where he was or what he was supposed to be doing.

The 8 august flag carriers looked palpably uncomfortable. One, I think it was the ‘charitable’ lady from Brazil, gave Ali’s arm a squeeze as she left.

What were they thinking?

This was the second embarrassing faux pas of the Ceremony — ignoring the Empire was the other.

I have listened to the Americans rave about the director Danny Boyle. Most know him from Slumdog Millionaire. If you remember that, it had some strange, even gruesome scenes. I bet most of the twits on NBC have never seen Trainspotting, his first movie. That was one heck of a strange and dark movie. To me the Opening Ceremony was like Trainspotting.

From ‘2.bp.blogspot.com’

There was ABSOLUTELY NO need to have Muhammad Ali there. He has no real connection with London, other than getting knocked down there, for the first time in his life, by Henry Cooper.

So was this AN INSIDER JOKE on poor Ali and the Americans? Bring Ali to London, those of us who were there will know that this was his first fall. Boyle sure is capable of cruelty such as that.

This was wrong. I am furious. We as Brits are better than this. Muhammad Ali is and will be one of the greatest figures of the 20th century. He was A MAN.

I really want to forget that stupid moment. Let us remember Muhammad Ali from the glory of 1996.

Click for YouTube video.