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Canyon de Chelly: Flowers & Flora (Part I).

by Anura Guruge

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They are in the midst of the pretty severe drought. For the first time in living memory they had no snow during this last winter. The lack of snow melt has made a huge difference. The land is parached and bone dry.

It rained at night the first two days we were there. But, it wasn’t much. There was much more rain to the North. You could see that on the horizon and when we visited Monument Valley later in the week it was soggy!

The last of the big pictures illustrates the how parched the ground is. But, the water table, even this Summer, is within 3′ of the surface. That is pretty amazing and that is without factoring in the huge aquifer on top of which they sit. So, ‘they’, the Navajo, are not too worried as yet — though quite a few ferrell had died from the lack of water!

I thought I could get all my ‘flowers and flora‘ pictures into one post. Wasn’t going to happen. All of this was from Day 1!

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by Anura Guruge