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“A Place To Call Home”, The Australian “Downton Abbey”, Season 5 Is Nail Bitingly Gripping.

by Anura Guruge

I have never watched Soap Operas so I don’t know how intense they get, BUT Season 5 of ‘A Place To Call Home‘, now on Acorn TV, is gripping beyond anything I have seen on late.

Puts “Indian Summers” to shame, and “Downton Abbey“, with all of its exquisitely crafted drama, never, in my opinion, had so many suspenseful storylines in parallel. Whoever the writers are they are GOOD. Definitely knows their craft and audience. Bravo. Yes, of course, there are a few patches when the storyline and dialogue sags. But, that is to be expected.

Australians should be proud.

I, confess. Until I came across ‘A Place To Call Home‘, which I have been hooked on since Season 1, I thought that the only good TV that the Aussies could produce was live cricket! Now I know better.

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by Anura Guruge