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Calling The Next ‘Xbox’ ‘All-Digital’ Is Stupid — What They Mean Is ‘Solid State’.

by Anura Guruge

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I have never owned or even used an Xbox. Though I started programming in 1969 — or maybe because of that — computer games have never held any appeal. Yes, sure I have played a few and maybe written some rudimentary gaming code, in the 1970s, just to make sure I could do it. But, that is the extent of I and my intersection with computer games.

But, I do KNOW that all Xboxes, from Day 1, have all been DIGITAL. No, no part of it was ever analog — i.e., the opposite of digital.

CD/DVD drives maybe mechanical BUT they are 100% digital — as the ‘Ds’ in their names signify. ‘D’ for digital.

What these folks are trying to say is ‘SOLID STATE’. No moving parts. Everything electronic — no mechanical components bar the BUTTONS.

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by Anura Guruge