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“Jurassic World” Is A Bit Forced As Far As Comedies Go.

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by Anura Guruge

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Of course it was watchable and mildly compelling given that it, of course, had a dusting of Spielberg magic cast upon it. It is “OK”. It works, quite well, as a comedy. Yes, people were laughing. Teischan, 9, was scared, but that was about it. Not a scary movie for teenagers and adults.

What was truly SCARY was how far and blatant product placement has become. Jeeezzz. It came across more like a long commercial with some out-of-control dinosaurs running around.

Yes, I am the first to admit that I am not the right demographics for this movie. Dinosaurs don’t excite me much and I can’t say I am a fan of the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise though I have seen the original movie, on TV, a couple of times. I can’t swear to it but I might even have seen “The Lost World“.

Going to see this movie was a last minute decision, on Father’s Day, predicated by the rain. We were hoping to go to the ocean. But that wasn’t going to work. So I suggested, after watching the trailer etc. to make sure that it was “OK” for Teischan, to go see this at Cinemagic in Portsmouth, N.H. Others must have had the same idea. IT WAS PACKED. It was a zoo. It was a mad house. NO ADULT SUPERVISION. No lines. People barging in. It was like a meat market in Calcutta. People can be so ignorant and rude. Cinemagic should be ashamed of themselves BUT they were making so much money that they wouldn’t care. IF there had been an emergency it would have been serious. Not a single adult in sight. I even asked for one. Just kids TRYING to run the show. Kind of similar to what you see in the movie.

Confirmed my personal stereotypes. Indians make terrible helicopter pilots. Indians aren’t great at making pressing corporate decisions. Yes, watch out MSFT shareholders. That Mercedes Benz was the placement-driven vehicle of choice CRACKED me up. Bingo. A theme park that made a LOT of bad decisions had made another howler. They opted for Mercedes Benz vehicles. So the subtext here would be that if the Jurassic World management was MORE competent they would have gone with a better make of cars. Classic.


By all means go see it. Works to an extent as a comedy with rather lame and predictable romance angle. As far as being scary, you will get more when you buy the tickets.