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Let’s HOPE That Stabbing Of 77-Year Old Catholic Priest, In Montreal, Was Random, & UNRELATED To Child Sex Crimes.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read here. From CNN. Google ‘Montreal’ for more.

When I saw this last night I was disturbed. I have a number of friends who are Catholic priests — one of them even an Archbishop.

This is not good. Any violence is bad, but attacks on priests and worshippers (as in New Zealand) seems even more egregious.

I really am hoping that this was a random attack with no real motive behind it.

But, I fret. The attacker is a 26-year old man. That worries me. Was he a victim of Catholic clergy sex crimes?

I know that there is a huge amount of frustration and resentment. The stupid pope just doesn’t get it. People are fed up. They have waited decades for justice and stupid Francis keeps on thumbing his nose at them — even as recently as last week.

What next? Armed guards at Catholic churches? Not good.

The stupid pope, Francis, really needs to do something meaningful to show that the Church cares.

Last weekend we had a local 11-year old shooting dead his adoptive parents. Now this. And prior to that New Zealand. It is all very sad. Violence based on religion drives me to despair! Why?

But, ….

I really, really wish that this stupid pope will resign.

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by Anura Guruge

Stabbing Of Babies At A Chinese Daycare In Queens, New York — So Many Questions?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Google for MORE.

When I got around to reading this, I was mortified.

In THIS country? In New York.

So many questions, so many contradictions.

  • 24-hour, non-stop ‘Daycare’? How is that permissible. Guess, it was not licensed … Wow.
  • Babies as young as 3-days! That is criminal. In this country?
  • Now they are saying ‘Birth Tourism‘ — Chinese mothers giving birth in the USA to get their kids U.S. Citizenship. Understand that. Other countries, most notably women from Israel, do that. But, why would these kids require ‘daycare’ and do so when they are so young. Where are the mothers. Out sightseeing? Out partying?
  • I initially thought that the mothers, due to poverty, had to go back to work — so soon after giving birth. That might not be the case.

All of this has me confounded and very sad. In the U.S.A.

And in the same City, viz., New York, the Catholic Church can just come up with $27.5 Million to settle their sex crimes!

There is no justice in this world!

by Anura Guruge