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New Hampshire State Reps, And My Friends, Lisa DiMartino (D-Gilford) & Don Flanders (R-Laconia) At Laconia Airport Open House Today.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Ray Burton at the Laconia Airport Open House today.

I have known Lisa since around 2000 (when she worked at the Gilford Library) and Don since about 2001 when I joined Laconia Rotary. That we were huge supporters of Lisa is no secret and we are very glad and proud to have Lisa as a State Rep. I am, as with Ray Burton, rather fond of Don. He has a good head on his shoulders and you can always rely on Don, as with Ray, to be reasonable irrespective of the politics. Suffice to say I had long chats with both of them individually and then together. It was good. It was a pleasure and an honor. Good people, both.

Don Flanders, Lisa DiMartino, Laconia, Gilford, Airport

Don Flanders, Deanna, Teischan sitting on the tarmac and Lisa in front of the Laconia Airport terminal building today, at the Open House. Click to ENLARGE.

Local politics at its very BEST. It is so good to see interactions like this. Bravo. Click to ENLARGE.

So What Is The Story Here With The 10-4 Vote For Belknap County Medicare Rehab?


Anura Guruge


Click on images to access the newspaper archive at ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’.



I saw and quickly skimmed through the story in yesterday’s ‘Laconia Daily Sun’. Kind of made sense to me. I didn’t stop to tally the votes.

Then I saw the ‘Repeat 4th Grade‘ letter this morning. Kind of cracked me up and also got me thinking whether that would be 4th Grade with or without the ‘Common Core Curriculum‘.

I have no axe to grind on this. I do actually see both sides to the ongoing County budget war. Yes, I do NOT want the County portion of my Property Tax bill to go up ‘9%’ (or whatever). That is a given. My tax bill is high enough already — thanks. So, I am totally behind any and all efforts to keep the tax increase of my bill under control.

But, I also understand that the County has obligations that we have to pay for, whether we like it or not, because that is how things work. As ever I would like some meaningful COMPROMISE. So that is where I stand.

This Medicare reimbursement ‘issue’, at least at first sight, and as reported in the paper, seems innocuous to me — and today’s letter appears to echo that.

Plus I just, as is my wont, did some sums. There were 14 State Reps present for the vote — with 4 AWOL. Of that, reading between the lines, 9 were Republicans, 5 were Democrats.

So in the 10-4 vote, 5 Republicans joined the Democrats to make the 10 votes. So, 5 Republicans voted FOR, and 4 Republicans voted against. I find that very odd. That is my concern.

Why did the 4 that vote against, do so? What did they fear that the the other Republicans present, did not.

I am curios.