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Will Pope Francis Grinch The Vatican Christmas Nativity & Tree For 2015?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

Vatican nativity 2008. Click for MORE.

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Pope Francis decries Christmas 2015 and specifically says “… There will be lights, there will be parties, bright trees, even Nativity scenes, all decked out, …” Click image for ‘Rolling Stone” original.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. From page 135 of my “Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit — 2015: A Guide For The Curious” book (published August 2015). See link below to access 99 cent ‘read in a Web browser’ eBook. This pope KNOWS what he is doing. He knows the power he has as pope.

Above from my
Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit — 2015: A Guide For The Curious”.

Available for 99 cents, from Amazon, as an eBook that can read in a Web browser, iDevice, Android etc.

Yes, of course, Pope Francis is RIGHT about the World merrily playing ‘the fiddle’ while there is all this strife and conflict.

I fully understand his statements about Christmas.

What I want to know is what Pope Francis is going to do about it?

This is a pope that people are beginning to appreciate makes statements that he does not follow through on — or are even contrary to what he believes. Suffice just to bring up “Who am I to judge?”.

The Vatican, quite rightly, makes a BIG deal about Christmas. The Vatican nativity scene, accompanied by a huge Christmas tree, is a beloved tradition and a HUGE money maker for the Vatican.

The pope, given he feels so strongly about it, should go ahead the CANCEL the Vatican nativity.

That would be a shot heard all over the world.

He has the power to do so and he KNOWS that he has the power.

Do NOT underestimate this pope or be deceived by his apparent naivety. He knows the power he commands.

So this is a GREAT opportunity. Not moving to the Papal Apartments was one thing. Now here is another great chance to really show that his words COUNT.