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China Yet Again Sets Out To Disrespect Remembrance Day / Poppy Day — And We Stand By Impotent!

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by Anura Guruge

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I am doing all I can.

Last year I wrote David Cameron, Stephen Harper, Boris Johnson etc. No point asking Obama. He does NOT care! I think Obama thinks it is funny.

Let’s get this straight. This is not some ancient Chinese holiday. It is relatively new. They KNEW when they picked 11/11. IF it predated OUR honoring of 11/11 I would not say a jot.



Well don’t just stand there doing nothing. We can all do SOMETHING. For a start on 11/11 I am going to call in health inspections for a bunch of NH Chinese restaurants. If nothing else it would make ME happier.

Do what little you can.

Mao Zedong urged ALL Chinese to kill at least 5 flies a day, everyday, 365 days a year. China no longer has a fly problem.

Well lets use Mao against Mao.

Lets pick 5 small things WE can all do to embarrass China and do it everyday until they change Singles Day to another day.

And, before I discovered that I TOO was ‘The Other Son‘, I had been led to believe that I was 0.125 Chinese, my maternal grandmother .25 Chinese, and you could see that.

President Obama, On November 2, 2011, Inspecting Poppy On Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s Lapel.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Part of My “Poppy Day” series on this Blog.

This post, as with other recent related posts, at the behest of  ‘Nancy’,
the lady from Ontario Canada who sent me the original, side on, picture of the ‘Poppy Plaque’ in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


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