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‘A Confession’ (2019) On ‘BritBox’ — True Story. Amazingly Brilliant. Riveting. Best Of BritBox?

by Anura Guruge

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True Story. Click to read an article about this case in the U.K. ‘The Guardian’.


Best series I have watched on BritBox,
& I have watched a LOT!

Amazing. It would have been an amazing story IF it had been invented. But, that this is ALL TRUE & it happened makes it just so, so, riveting.

Wow. In some ways it makes me so proud to be British. Doubt this would ever happen in the U.S. Here they let policeman kill suspects. In the UK, a suspect’s rights are so sacrosanct.

Towards the end I was riveted. Time be damned. I had to watch. I had to know what happened.

I can’t recommend this any higher than saying it is BLINKING BRILLIANT. Wow. I am still moved. Yes, I gather there is even a book now. But, alas, I know how it ends.

Please try & watch. You will thank me. Of that, I am sure. SMILE.

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