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Lucas ‘Engine Oil Stop Leak’ For The 1989 V-12 Jaguar XJS.

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by Anura Guruge

Gordon Preston

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Click to access the Lucas Oil product page for this ‘stop leak’. I bought the gallon from Amazon and had it shipped, ‘Free’, thanks to my Amazon Prime.

Of course my Jaguar XJS leaks, not much, but it does leak. Yes, I knew that when I bought it. But from what I hear it is pretty hard to find a V-12 XJS that does not leak. So it is a question of finding one that doesn’t leak excessively.

Paul Bousquet.

When I took it in for it ‘full’ shake-down at ‘B-Boys‘, in Barnstead, N.H., by master mechanic Paul Bousquet, he steamed cleaned the block and had a good look at the leak. Told me it wasn’t worth fixing it because there was at least 12 hours of labour to try and do it properly. And I trust Paul. So I have been putting a little bit of oil every few weeks or so. That said, I have probably put 100 miles on the XJS in the last 2 months. So it doesn’t get driven much.

Then, this last Saturday, we visited (as we are wont to do of late), Kati & Gordon Preston in Barnstead, with my son Matthew. The Prestons, by any measure, are AMAZING people. Gordon, a fellow Brit, is a very proficient and creative, British-qualified engineer. Plus he drives Land- and Range-Rovers. He told me about the Lucas ‘Stop Leak’ and how he uses it in his latest Range Rover. Plus it is Lucas. As soon as I got home I ordered a gallon. It just came. Haven’t put it in. BUT, wanted to share with you. Don’t think it will totally stop the leaks. But if it slows them down I will be very happy. Oh, a gallon from Amazon cost $31.29.