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What Am I Thinking: HOW & WHY Are We, The ‘Sapiens’, Standing Singularly Alone?

by Anura Guruge

I drove for 9.5 hours, to Acadia & back, Wednesday/Thursday of this week. That gave me a LOT of time to THINK. And this was one of the THINKS that popped into my stack & kept me THINKING.

Evolution, at least within our niche in the world (meaning the ‘Ape’ family (& i.e., Hominoidea)) seems to have STOPPED.

Chimps & gorillas don’t seem to be getting any smarter? Shouldn’t they. That is how we came to be us. We evolved. While I don’t expect chimps to be us, why haven’t they got CLOSER.

Also, within the ‘Homo Erectus‘ family. There were a LOT of splits & we & the Neanderthals lived side-by-side for quite a long time.

NO MORE. We are alone.

How come we haven’t seen a SPLIT?

Worth THINKING about. Well worth THINKING about.

I came home & serendipitously found this book. I have been listening to it, as an Amazon Audible (for FREE), yesterday & today — during my 100-minute walks.

Bingo. The book addresses my concern right up front.

Click to ENLARGE & read here. Link to book BELOW.

Click to access Amazon listing.

So, it would appear that this was a GOOD THINK.

I am not done yet. The book hasn’t answered all my questions. But, it has given me more to TH

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by Anura Guruge


Heads Up For Junk Bond Investors — One Firm Puts Temporary Halt On Withdrawals!

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access ‘MarketWatch.com’ original.

Though I got out, TOTALLY, from Junk Bonds in mid-May of this year, after living off them for nearly 6 years, this sent a CHILL through my spine.

IF I had still been in Junk Bonds, and at this time last year, my life depended on them, this would have been SCARY. A STOP on withdrawals is bad at any time BUT particularly so at year end. Folks have taxes to pay, e.g., Property Taxes in New Hampshire, or have need to do some rebalancing for Capital Gains etc. WOW.

So a heads up. It has, with interest rates ready to rise, been a bad year for junk. I am surprised that there is till anybody in them. I just worry that those that are in are those that are OBLIVIOUS that they are in — and that is the dastardly deed of unscrupulous brokers.

So a BIG Heads Up. Get out, with what little you have left, as fast as you can.