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MetroCast Delivers 105 Mbps To Alton (N.H.); TDS Falters Then Goes Down!

by Anura Guruge

dahI would be able to appreciate the irony if it was not so frustrating and sad. I pay and get BOTH MetroCast and TDS Internet feeds to the house — mainly for redundancy but also to keep the Internet bandwidth we use for media streaming (read Roku) separate from that I use for ‘work’ (read ‘this’).

So today, for the first time, I have 105 Mbps, actually 107 Mbps, on my MetroCast feed — and I am delighted.

I am trying to watch the Australia vs. India 3rd ODI (on Sling via my Roku 3) when bloody TDS gives up the ghost. The bandwidth fluctuated like crazy for 10 minutes and then it went down for about 3 minutes.

MetroCast rocks, TDS sucks.

That sums it up. TDS has been REALLY bad in Alton over the last 4 months. 80% due to the guy in charge of TDS service in this area. To call him a dozer would be an insult to other dozers. He is that bad. I am THINKING of getting two MetroCast drops — i.e., feeds. It might be worth it.

TDS == Too Damn Slow!

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by Anura Guruge