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“Rusty Moose” Restaurant In Alton [N.H.] Definitely Closed — Empty Inside; “Dockside”, At The Bay, For Sale.

by Anura Guruge

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I had heard rumors that the ‘Rusty Moose‘ had closed. But, I had to go by, personally, and peer in through the glass door, as i did this morning, to make sure. Yep, they are GONE. It is empty inside as you can see from the 2nd photo.

Shame — though we have never eaten there. Were foiled TWICE and I never gave it a third chance. Plus, to be honest, it always looked a tad on the ‘short-of-headroom’ side for I. I am marginally claustrophobic. I prefer large, open spaces to ones that feel crowded. Though I have never been inside, I drive by it enough. And it always struck me as being ‘minimalistic’. All that said I am sorry to see it go. For a start, I know a few local kids who were given the opportunity to perform their music there. That was good. I feel bad for these kids. Now the only local venue open for them is “JP China“.

Just one other thing I would like to add. So, when I went to check it out. No NOTICE on the door. The roadside sign is still there uncovered. I think that that is a tad churlish. They should give the public an early heads-up that they are CLOSED. Nothing more annoying that driving up to a restaurant, hoping to have a meal, to find it CLOSED — and closed for good. I will be happy to give them — or buy them — a blue tarp. Just tie it over the sign.

Had seen in the paper that the “Dockside” building is for SALE. So, not sure whether they will be opening this Summer.

I have also heard rumblings that the restaurant at ‘Sandy Point’ will not be open this Summer. Yikes.

These restaurants closing in Alton is a SHAME. Not counting McDonald’s, Subway and Dunkin we only now have TWO proper sit down restaurants in Alton: the very dependable JP China and Ackerly’s. Yes, there is that small, joint on the docks BUT they do NOT serve non-whites! So, that is a problem for I. No, they don’t have a sign that says “Whites Only” but when I try to go in they make it very obvious that they would rather not have me there. That is OK. They own it. Plus, to be honest I would rather go to JP China.

So, that is the score. That Alton is not thriving like Meredith or even Wolfeboro bothers I. But, what can I do.

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by Anura Guruge

Let Me Please Rave About The Subway Chopped Salad With Their ‘Big Philly Cheesesteak’ Special. Yummy!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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I have always liked Subway BUT since having an ‘Applewood Pulled Pork‘ chopped salad in mid-August I have been a great fan of their chopped salads.

I even started chopping my salads — and I eat a LOT of salads, near daily on my diet.

phillysubwayLast night on the way back from ‘Revels‘ (or what purported to be ‘Revels’) at Dartmouth we stopped at a Subway — for Devanee and I, before stopping at McDonalds for Teischan. (Deanna was full from our late lunch).

Devanee, at my urging, for a footlong BLT — so that she would have some leftover for today also.

I had the Big Philly Cheesesteak, with added Swiss, in a chopped salad with the Chipotle Dressing. It was divine. Wow.

I could go and eat another of those salads right now.

Their chopped salads are GOOD. If you haven’t tried one please do yourself a favor and think of all the carbs you are avoiding.


WMUR Best Pizza Place In New Hampshire Poll: I, Of Course, Voted For Giuseppe’s In Meredith — Who Else Could I Vote For? What About YOU?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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Click to access WMUR poll. You too can vote.

Click to access WMUR poll. You too can vote.

was not a very big pizza eater — but about the ONLY place where I would eat pizza would be at Giueseppe’s. So it would have been churlish if I did not vote.

I have gone back twice and had a look. Hhhmmmm.

Strange. Yes, I see some obvious places I recognize like the Pizza Barn in Ossipee, but a lot of places I have never heard of. Though I am not a huge pizza eater doesn’t mean I do not know ‘many’ of the popular local eateries. 

I am dying to see the final results.

I hope Giuseppe’s do reasonably well. Of course it is the family favorite. Devanee is already insisting that we go there for dinner for her birthday, as we did last year. And yes, I have e-mailed Julie to give her a heads up that we most likely will be there.

Intrigues me how the kids like the place. That is good.

So please don’t let me influence you, but at least do your civic duty and cast a vote.


I am now going to go an have a chopped salad, with hot, hot green peppers and two home-cooked, pork burgers.

I Asked And Got A ‘Mezzaluna’, i.e., A Salad Chopper, For My Birthday — Thanks To Subway.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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subwaysaladOn my very low-carb diet, that I have been on since January 24, 2013, and have lost 22(+) pounds, I tend, by necessity, to eat a lot of salads, especially for dinner. It is not unusual for me to have salads (albeit always with a meat topping) five nights a week — if not more. The days I don’t have a salad I eat a spiced-to extreme [i.e., hot enough to make a Mexican blanche] curry, loaded with vegetables with a lot of turmeric, and cumin and caraway seeds (that according to the quack on CNN is supposed to be very good for you and there must be a grain of truth to it because Indians having been scoffing down these spices for millennia and are still around in large numbers).

I had never really given much thought to salad preparation. I am not really fussy about food. So the notion of finely chopped salads had never really crossed my mind.

Then I had that Applewood Pulled Pork chopped salad at Subway, in mid-August, on the way back from Storyland. It was a revelation. The chopping sure does spread the flavor around. I watched the young girl use a curved chopper in awe.

I wanted ONE. My birthday was coming up and Deanna always complains that she doesn’t know what to get me. So I checked Amazon.

Found this ‘Mezzaluna‘, when I typed in ‘salad chopper’. Put it, and the bowl, in my Wish List and send it to Deanna. Santa, Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy (and I am not really sure which one of these handles birthday presents) did the rest. I got the very ergonomic and pleasing on the hand Mezzaluna. I have used it about 4 times since — taking into account that we have been eating out quite a bit since my birthday. Love it. Really makes a difference.

I typically use sliced, very hot green pepper and one to two stems of scallions in my salads for ‘spice’. This Mezzaluna really grinds it all up. Then I add some salad dressing, mainly Ranch, and do a bit more rocking. That really does the trick.

Highly recommend it.


In Praise Of Subway Chopped Salads — Especially One With Applewood Pulled Pork. Yum!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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subwaysaladMy very low-carb diet, that I have been on since January 24, 2013, and have lost 22(+) pounds in the process, does restrict my dining choices since I am loath to cheat — given that I take to dieting earnestly.

pulledporkSo when we departed ‘Story Land‘ at around 6:40 pm on Friday, after another very fun day, I was keeping an eye out for where we could eat, also bearing in mind that Teischan typically prefers fast food. As we got to scenic, iconic Intervale I happened to spot a Subway sign across the road from the popular ‘Cathedral Ledge‘ overview. I don’t think I had noticed it before, but then again I had not driven through Intervale looking for somewhere to eat. We all like Subway. When I was not on my diet I would happily devour a footlong chicken sandwich in a matter of minutes and still be looking for more. But of late it has been their chopped salads. Prior to Friday we had stopped at different Subways twice in the last 6 weeks — I once even having the plain vegetarian.

On Friday, when we stopped, I saw their promotion for Applewood Pulled Pork. I am a sucker for pork and am quite partial to pulled pork. So I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t have a footlong. Deanna and Teischan had Turkey variants. Then it was my turn. I asked for a chopped salad (as opposed to an un-chopped whole salad). I then asked whether I can have the pulled pork with it. Must say that the young girl who was single handedly running the place, including baking bread, while we were ordering was very helpful and thorough. She said that I can have any meat they have and as such pulled pork was certainly an option. So I had a pulled pork chopped salad with barbeque dressing (at their recommendation). It was yummy. Wasn’t cheap. Chopped salads are more expensive than a footlong confirming the adage that it is not cheap to eat healthy. But it was worth it.

I totally recommend it. Plus you feel so righteous.

Moreover, that Intervale location was an absolute treasure. They had clean picnic tables outside. So you get to eat overlooking THE Intervale million dollar view. What more can you ask for? We were delighted. And to add icing to the cake there is a cute, decently priced ice cream place next door. So Teischan got a kiddie swirl — which Mum helped her finish. So if you are in the North Conway area and looking for some healthy, fast food with a view checkout this Subway at Intervale.

Next to the ice cream place is a HUGE convenience store with a flea market section in the back. They had some interesting stuff. So this was a worthwhile stop.

Our view, around 7:15 pm on August 16, 2013, as we at at Subway in Intervale, NH. click to ENLARGE.

Our view, around 7:15 pm on August 16, 2013, as we at at Subway in Intervale, NH. click to ENLARGE.