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Braxton: What The Name Means; It Is Really A Last Name As Opposed To A First, But I Am Sure The Puppy Won’t Know The Difference.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


..Anura Guruge

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Names have always intrigued me, more so now that ever before after I wrote my groundbreaking book on pope names: “Popes and the Tales of Their Names“.

I was not familiar with ‘Braxton‘. So I had to check.  Got pretty good at tracking down names when I was researching the pope names, I had no choice. So didn’t take me long.

Interesting. No famous ‘Braxtons’ so the puppy could make a name for himself.

When I was at University in the early 1970s it was all the rage to come up with pretentious names for dogs. So that is why I have had: Rousseau (after the Swiss philosopher, after coming back from a holiday in Geneva where my hotel was opposite Rousseau’s island), Winston (Churchill), Maggie (Thatcher), Ulysses (Grant) & Monty (Montgomery as in the brilliant British WW II general). In between I also had: Bonzo, Peanut and Shamrock (the shelter given name for this huge, magnificent Golden who also answered to ‘Badger’ a name from a prior shelter).

Now it is Maya (after the ‘people’, and Deanna picked that) and Braxton — also picked by Deanna. I was given ‘heck’ by a Buddhist about ‘Maya’! I was asked whether I had forgotten who ‘Maya’ was. I obviously had. I could not remember. The Buddha’s mother was ‘Maya’. Yes, it came back when I was reminded. I did NOT see the big deal. To me naming a dog after a person is NEVER an insult, always a compliment. I assume that people name dogs ‘Mary’. Not that I really cared whether I offended Buddhists or not. If they want to get upset that I have a dog called ‘Maya’ they really have major issues.

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