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I Had Never Heard Of ‘Teqball’ Till Today — Had YOU?

by Anura Guruge

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I guess I do NOT (luckily) spend enough time on social media watching ‘pop trends’. When it comes to sport, other than faithfully, always watching the SuperBowl in its entirety, my main (if not only) passion is cricket. Yes, I will occasionally watch some Rugby. That is it.

I learned about Teqball when I read that Sri Lanka has created a Website for the sport! Ah? I had Google it. That is how I learnt about it.

I watched the above video. It is OK. I prefer ping-pong played by the Chinese! Teqball seems too contrived & I may be wrong but I do not think any other body part can match our hands in terms of putting speed on a ball in this type of close quarters. Yes, of course, the feet can kick very hard. But, you can’t do that in this setting. I love the speed of table tennis, yes, ping-pong at speed.

Well, I just wanted to make sure YOU have heard of Teqball. Now you have. No thanks necessary. That is why I am here.

Rio 2016 Olympics Day 16, ‘Fruit Games’ Google Doodle — Grapes Play A Very Fast Game Of Ping-Pong (Table Tennis).

by Anura Guruge


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by Anura Guruge

Not Sure Pope Francis Can Or Will Play Ping Pong (At This Stage Of His Life).

by Anura Guruge

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Killerspin World UnPlugNPlay Festival” to encourage kids
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Pope Francis, who turns 80 on December 17, 2016, probably did play ping pong (i.e., table tennis) at some point in his life. With part of his right lung removed (when he was in his early 20s) this would have been a good sport for him. He was sports mad, particularly when it came to soccer, in his youth and is still an ardent soccer fan. Then there are his ‘flat feet’ with the fallen arches which are causing him increased grief — now coupled with sciatica. Again ping pong would have suited him.

Just not sure whether he plays ping pong, as pope, at 79. He might lob a few shots for TV and charity. Not sure he would want to get into a full match in papal vestments. Might not look very papal.

But …

As with Trump anything is possible with this pope.

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by Anura Guruge