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Epson’s New High Ink Capacity ‘EcoTank’ Printers Look A Good Deal — IF You Do A Lot Of Printing.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access Epson product page.

Though we don’t have one in the house right now, I am quite partial to Epson printers. In 2008, for about 5 months, I was a ‘weekend warrior‘ for Epson, promoting their printers at Best Buy, Concord. It was a blast. One of the best jobs I have had in terms of its enjoyment-quotient — and that was because the printers, in terms of function/price, was so easy to sell. More than once I was able to sell every single Epson printer we had in the store during a 6-hours shift.

I happened to hear about this ‘EcoTank‘ printers on a Tech Talk Show driving back from Rockland, Maine on Sunday night. The notion of refillable ink tanks appeals to me. So on Monday I checked them out on Amazon. They are NOT cheap, the ET-2550 priced at $393. But I am sure the goal is that you will pay for the printer, say over 4 years, in terms of cheaper ink. We don’t do enough printing to justify one of these printers. But I thought I should bring them to your attention.

by Anura Guruge