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Where Does Kamala Harris Stand Re. The ‘Tamil Tigers’?

by Anura Guruge

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Kamala Harris is 50% Tamil. There is nothing wrong with that. I, personally, though I am, by birth, a Sri Lankan Sinhalese, have nothing against Tamils in general — though, I, like million others, were not fond of what the ‘Tamil Tigers‘ did in Sri Lanka. My current doctor, BY CHOICE, is Tamil and my prior cardiologist (who has since moved away from New Hampshire) was also Tamil. Growing up our neighbours, who we interacted daily, and were very much part of the family, were Tamil and one of our closest family friends (a gifted sculptor from Madras (now Chennai)) was Tamil.

Yes, 99.5% of Americans would never have heard of the ‘Tamil Tigers’ or care what or who they are. But, there are millions who do worry about the ‘Tamil Tigers’ — and there are probably a few thousand Sinhalese with American citizenship that will factor this in when they vote in 2020.

IF (and that is a HUGE, HUGE ‘IF’) Kamala Harris becomes president her attitude towards the Tamil Tigers will be pivotal.

If she is sympathetic to them, despite all of the International condemnations, it could change the balance of power in central Asia. India would be happy, BUT not China. Sri Lanka would be screwed.

I doubt whether this will ever come up in a debate.

But, somebody needs to ask her this question, on the record.

Don’t you think so?

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by Anura Guruge

Man Eating Leopards — Yes, There Are, Mainly In India, But Sometimes In Sri Lanka.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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From a Sri Lankan paper. Click image to access original — from 2011.

My early morning post about the leopard in India — and my claim that it could turn into a maneater got me thinking. As I did say, I kind of knew that leopards are not, naturally, aggressive towards humans.

And that appears to be the case. But, there are also cases of man-eating, which is a shame.

I LIKE all BIG cats but have a soft spot for leopards. Leopards are the ONLY BIG cats found in Sri Lanka. That seems incongruous when you realize that the Sri Lankan National Flag FEATURES a lion — rampant. WTF? Has to do with the origin of the majority race — the Sinhalese. (And yes, I am, as far as I know, Sinhalese.) The Sinhalese came to Ceylon (the old name) from what is now Afghanistan/Iran etc. ‘Sinha‘, as with the Sikh ‘Singh’, means LION. So we are a race name after the LION that live in a country that only has leopards. And that is why I always though ‘Tamil Tigers‘ was a really stupid name. We have no tigers — but that is par for the course for Tamils. They get easily confused. C’est la vie.

Just thought I will share this with you while it was on my mind. SMILE.

Canada (Again) Tries To Rain On The Parade With Stupid, Defeatist, ‘We Surrender’ White Poppies. Brain Freeze From The Cold!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original post. Plenty more ... just Google 'White Poppy'.

Click to access original post. Plenty more … just Google ‘White Poppy’.

As a quick glance at my recent posts will prove I have nothing against Canadians, actually I am quite fond of most of them. That I am so happy with my Canadian Red Poppy (and am devastated that I lost it) just about sums it up.

It has been a great honor and pleasure to deal with Canadians, especially ‘Nancy‘, about our joint tradition when it comes to Red Poppies.

Then I saw this last night! Though I rarely if ever swear, having decided when I was 21 that I am going to stop swearing, troopers have nothing on me when I do decide to swear. The stream of invective that I let loose at Canada, even if I say it myself, was colorful. Now as some of you also know it doesn’t take much to get me ranting about Canada as a country — and I make the distinction between individual Canadians and the country.

To me, this stupid, stupid, White Poppy is a Q.E.D. example of why I make fun of Canada — a country that CAPS Internet bandwidth (and gives asylum to Tamil Tigers).

The Red Poppy tradition stems the inspired words of a Canadian — physician, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

Yes, I fully understand that many Canadians, quite rightly, are outraged.

How can YOU … even if you are Canadian and have at least partial brain cell freeze from the never ending cold do this.

White = Surrender.

White = A dead body drained of all its blood.

You will not find anybody more committed to PEACE than me.

But supporting peace does not mean that you diss all the good folks that gave their life so that we would NOT be speaking damn German and driving bloody Audis!

It is symptomatic. This is what you get in country that thinks they have the RIGHT to cap Internet bandwidth.

If you haven’t worked it out by now, I am NOT amused.