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‘Free The Female Nipple’ Protest Top/Bikini — The Brilliant ‘Tata Top’.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click here to visit their entertaining and clever Website.

This is SO clever and so to THE POINT.

I love it.

Talk about making a statement.

I would love to see a bunch of women descending on Gilford Beach (NH) in these to see what the reaction would be.

Yes, in some ways it is ‘regressive’ in that females should NOT have to wear such tops just to exercise a basic right that they DO HAVE — in most place — by law.

That they are supporting some of the ‘female topless’ movements makes it even more laudatory. 

The choice of name intrigues me.

‘Tata’ is ‘dad’ in both Yiddish and my native Sinhalese (though it is sometimes spelt ‘tatta’). Then there is the GIANT Indian ‘Tata Group‘ which among other things now own (my beloved) Jaguar brand.